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Thread: Medical Problem Help Please

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    Default Medical Problem Help Please

    Hi everyone,got email today from CO.
    "Hi John,I have now assessed the file - there is only one outstanding issue.
    You will need to have a repeat blood test through a GP of your Gamma GT reading. This is because the test result on the medical was 87 and the normal range is 0-50. If the second test is also abnormal, please provide a letter from your GP discussing your present health in relation to the issue, any medication or treatment you are receiving and your prognosis".

    I kind of expected this so had a retest done last week and the result is now 71 which is still over the 50.I have appointment tomorrow with my GP so my question is
    What do I need from him??
    This is the final peice of the jig saw and would hate to fall at the final fence.By the way I dont drink so cant understand the high GGT count.
    Also got a job waiting to start in Dunedin!!Time isnt on my side.

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    Hey John NZ,

    Sorry to hear about your results.
    I work in Pharmaceuticals and come across this alot. I deal with patients blood results. When GGT Levels are high most people immediately think that the individual has a drink problem or has been consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, however your GP should know that this is not always the case.

    High GGT Levels can indicate a number of other problems and only further tests from your GP can determine what this is.

    Not to scare you.. but the most common ones i come across are hepititis, liver disorders or diseases and as a secondary indicator of obesity. I am not sure on this but i think it can also be a pre-indicator of diabetes. Also many drugs can increase your GGT levels.

    I would really make sure that your GP does some further testing, this may determine why you have such a high level. Just a note, but some drugs can also lower GGT levels, so might be worth asking your GP if this is a possibility.

    Anyway, Good luck, and if you want any other info, just ask

    Caz xxx
    Life is a Game - Great when you're winning - Crap when you're losing!

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    Hi Caz,thanks for the very informative reply.I am seeing my GP tomorrow so will keep you posted.

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