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Thread: Living cost in Timaru

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    Default Living cost in Timaru

    Am new here. I have a job in Timaru and will be relocating soon. I however need to some information on the general cost of basics like food, accommodation, transport.
    How cold is the place now? I will be there in early July.
    Many thanks

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    Hi Zenji
    I dont really know how much living costs in Timaru would be,as ive only been there on holiday.
    Its a lovely place.
    Its not got that many shops,but does have a good pak n save(only one ive been to and liked)
    I think house prices are quite good there though,as we did look into it before we came over. Dont know if they have went up by now though.
    And a woman said to me the other day that Timaru had snow ,so it will be cold,but hey,its winter here,so all of Chch is cold,so bring your thermals
    Good luck in Timaru,Its defo one of my fav places

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    timaru is a really nice place to live . its qiet laidback city , its quiet cheaper to stay in timaru as compared to cities like christchurch and auckland.
    and yes its really cold at the moment , u might need lot of thermals to bring with u . food and transportation costs are cheap as compared to big cities.
    hope u will good time and enjoy ur stay in Timaru.

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    Hi Zenji
    I am also starting a job in Timaru in July! We leave UK on 10th July - got email today to say that our ITA has been approved and passed to visa issuing department.
    I got an email yesterday from employer to say that it had snowed in Timaru for the first time in many years and caused mass panic! Generally at this time of year it is very cold at night but bright and clear during the day with temps 8-10 degrees.
    House prices seem very attractive (although) we haven't sold ours in UK yet. Rental rates seem OK as well although not a huge choice.

    Good luck with the move.

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    Default Keep in touch

    Nice to know that am not the only one who will be moving to Timaru, great news!
    Hope we keep in touch. Still waiting for my Visa though. Should be ready in next two weeks.

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