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Thread: Truck drivng jobs

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    Default Truck drivng jobs

    I am looking for information and web links for sites dedicated to employment in the trucking industry. Our only path of entry to NZ is through the ISSL ( work permit, to residence) scheme. Gotta earn $50,000
    any assistance would be great.
    Do you know anybody that needs a good truck driver christchurch area ???
    Bucks Fizz

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    Hi BF,

    Seek is pretty good for job hunting. If you tap in your job title and the location you want to work in, it should bring up the odd job or two. I tried it and chose some random fields, but it said it didn't have any jobs available at the moment. However, I clicked on some of the blue links underneath (with the number of jobs in brackets) and there were some driving jobs so perhaps it's worth giving it a go.

    This website seems to be dedicated to trucker drivers so take a peek.

    I looked at the local online newspaper for Christchurch where jobs are supposed to be advertised but couldn't find them. Perhaps one of the 'locals' can help out with that one or any good job agencies in the area that might deal with your line of work.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Trucker Jobs

    We are in Wellington, despite all the websites saying NZ is screaming out for drivers, it appears they are not! My husband has applied to hundreds of places and they all have the same story. It's the wrong time of year, business is slow, they want kiwi drivers etc.

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