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    Default Hello again

    I have said hello in introducing yourself.

    And was wondering for those of you who are going or gone with partners who didn't necessarily meet the skilled workers criteria what are they planning to do?.

    I have no formal qualifications and have spent the last 3 years of my life looking after my children i really would like to go back to college is this something that they will let me do?.

    Should i be applying for a study visa or something along side my husbands skilled worker one?.

    To be honest we are even doubting that his teacher qualification is worth anything on the skilled workers side.

    He teaches english as a foriegn language and media arts fehe (further and higher education 16+ sort of age

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    If your hubby's skills are on the LTSSL and he will be the principal applicant, then you don't need to worry about your own visa as you will get PR off his back. Once you have that you can please yourself whether you study, work or don't work.
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    thats just it we are both very confused by the whole thing

    Secondary Teacher=
    Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) or Bachelor of Education - Teaching (Secondary) and New Zealand registration Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) or Bachelor of Education - Teaching (Secondary)

    University Lecturer=

    Masters Degree/PhD

    He has a degree in media and a PGCE (postgraduate certificate of education)
    we dont know where that comes in, he is able to teach access and diploma and degree students at colleges here in the uk college eduaction 16+, but cant find out what sort of stand a PGCE has in NZ or whether he needs to do a masters degree or whether we basically need to scrap the skilled migrants route and start looking at other options.

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    Hi Magpie,
    I went through the process last year and have got NZ teaching status so will try to answer you! PGCE does count and is recognised! Applicants to teach in NZ must be registered with the Teaching Council just like in UK. The forms are downloaded from New Zealand Teacher's Council website. You need to have police clearance, all certificates back to GCSE, a full degree description of content, your PGCE certificate, a CV, references.... and of course you pay too. If you are applying for residency one requirement (for us any way) was that teacher status is in place before submitting your ITA.

    Interestingly it's NZ teaching council who designate the age group you can teach, I have TEFL and had worked in colleges but they allocated me up to 16 years old....

    It is unlikely to be offered jobs before residency, and jobs are not as easy to get outside cities as one may be led to believe. One big difficulty is proving how much NZ teaching experience you have, familiarity with their curriculum, all reasonable as it is a different country.

    For a TEFL job, full time I was offered 23k a year, and for teaching around 40k.
    Hope this sheds a bit of light on the process!


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