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Thread: Medical Waiver Question

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    Unhappy Medical Waiver Question

    Has anybody been accepted for residency under a midical waiver? if so how long was the process? and was there restrictions placed on you?

    I would love to hear your feedback.

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    Sorry, don't have any useful feedback to offer you, but we have had a few people on here previously, asking about medical waivers, so there's hope that someone will tell us how they got on and how the procedure works.

    This is what the INZ Operations Manual says:

    A4.60 Applicants who will not be granted a waiver (13/12/2001)
    See A4 Effective 28/11/2005
    See A4.60 Effective 26/07/1999

    Applicants will not be granted a medical waiver if:

    they require dialysis treatment, or a consultant physician has indicated that they will require such treatment in the immediate future; or
    they have active tuberculosis (see A4.60.1 below); or
    they have a mental disorder or intellectual disability that has needed care in a hospital or supervised residence for more than 90 days in the last 2 years; or
    they have a physical incapacity that requires full-time care.

    A4.60.1 Applicants who have tuberculosis

    Applications from people who have active tuberculosis must be deferred until at least 6 months from the date anti-TB treatment has begun, and applications will only then be approved if:

    sputum and/or gastric juice is negative on culture for tuberculosis; and
    the applicant continues to meet all other policy requirements.

    so it looks like you could be in with a chance if INZ can only get their heads round the costs.

    I don't know if you've read this previous post about medical waivers . You might get some idea of timelines from it. Although Taormina doesn't appear to have come back on that particular thread and I don't know if she's followed up on another one, she is still looking in on the forum so maybe she'll be able to help. Otherwise perhaps you could send her a PM.
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    Smile Medical Waiver

    Hello there, we are thinking of applying for a Medical Waiver. We are retired and our daughter and husband and our first grandchild (who is a kiwi and who we have never seen yet) live in NZ.. We are hoping to join them there. and have had an application for residence in for a year now and we have been sending reports from doctors and tests back and forth for months. Although my husband has had an all clear from the doctors, NZIS are still dragging their heels, so now we have more or less said we will go for a Medical Waiver, does anyone know how long this process takes?
    We are desperate to join our daugher and son in law and our seven month old grandson..
    Look forward to any advice given...

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