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Thread: Just back from Christchurch

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    Default Just back from Christchurch

    God? what a long jurney, home 2 days and still not over it: Spent 4 weeks on a research mission to Christchurch, to confirm one way or the other wheather to live there or not: and its a definite YES. Now its all systems go and cross fingers that everything will be alright.Cannot submit my application untill then my Son will have 3 years residency on his passport. My Son will be sponsoring myself and my wife, so no worries about a job as we are both over 55. For those of you who havent been out there. Things are pretty expensive relitive to wages and going up. We loved it there and there is lots of Big shopping Malls. will post more of my findings when i get over the jet lag.
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    Good to hear that it was a successful research mission. Hope you a speedy recovery and good luck with the coming big move!

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    Look forward to hearing more about Chch as we are heading there in September.
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    Flights booked for 19th Sept to Christchurch

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