........have a hand in reorganising the INZ website and Operations Manual, what would you do to make them more user-friendly. You never know who is reading this forum so, if we can voice our thoughts, they may just reach the relevant ears at some point. I speak as one who spends half her life currently on these 2 areas alone, trying against all odds to get out of the maze of information that often leads back to where I started and without the answers I was looking for.

2 things to start off....

I wish the OM wouldn't have soooo many items in the Index, all with exactly the same title and often with the same content, just different dates. If only they could consolidate the information for one topic into one title which contains the most up-to-date details instead of stuff that dates back to 1999 and may no longer be of any interest to anyone. If it is still of use, then combine it with any updates so the info is all in one place and you don't have to go through link after link after link. After all, if you're applying in 2008 you just require the most current stuff, not blurb that may no longer be of use. The Index would be much easier to use if there weren't so many duplicate items on there.

It really annoys me when I'm going through the INZ website looking for what's needed to apply for a a particular visa and what I get when I click on this....

We have some requirements you must meet to apply under this category. There are also several areas of ability and expertise with which you can show us that you would be a suitable migrant.

is this...

Requirements for the Skilled Migrant Category
If you want to move to New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category, you will have to meet our requirements.

Minimum standards
You and any family members included in your application must meet the following standards.

Health: You must be in good health. If your Expression of Interest is accepted and you are invited to apply for residence, you will have to be assessed by an approved doctor. Your application must be accompanied by medical and chest x-ray certificates for each person.

Character: You must be of good character. You will have to provide a police certificate and evidence for all applicants over 17 years. Some people who have committed serious crimes will not be allowed into New Zealand at all. Section 7(1) of the Immigration Act outlines what disqualifies an applicant in these terms.

English language ability:
You must speak sufficient English. Whether you are the principal or non-principal applicant, you will need to meet a certain level of ability in spoken and written English.

Occupational registration: In certain fields of work, you will need to ensure you have occupational registration if you want to work in New Zealand. If you require registration and do not have it, you will be unable to work in your chosen occupation under the Skilled Migrant Category.

Up until recently this is more or less all you got. As if all you needed to apply under the SMC (or any other long term visa) was good health, a clean police record and ability to speak English. Now I see they have added some more bits right at the bottom which is a little more helpful, but this type of information which is, after all, the most important issue (not whether you are healthy or have a clean record) should be more prominently displayed and more emphasis given to it. If I want to know if someone qualifies to get into NZ I need the specific criteria right in my face and readily available. I don't want to go scratching around for it. The medical/character stuff is common to all types of long term visas and I don't want to have to wade through it every time looking for what I REALLY want to know. It should be put somewhere at the bottom, maybe in a link, thereby leaving the rest of the page for more useful information. Being a newbie to the INZ site, you'd think immediately that you could apply because you are healthy and don't have a police record. Hurray! Then comes the crunch when you find out that you can only apply if you have one of a limited number of job skills. Boooo!

The INZ site has improved on what it was because they did reorganise it last year , but it's still far from ideal. There's too much on there that doesn't really tell you anything. Time to have your say on what you hate about the sites and what you'd like to see on there to make your immigrating lives easier.