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Thread: Skilled welders needed

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    Default Skilled welders needed

    Hi Everyone,
    We are in the UK at the moment and have an engineering company with us who are looking for skilled experienced fitter welders to work in NZ. They are willing to meet people while they are here in the UK so if you are interested can you email your CV to me and I will pass them on. We are helping this company to find people and that is why they have flown to the UK with us. Any questions just email me.

    Paul Goddard

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    OOOOO....I wish... this ongoing process of figuring out on how to find a job offer in NZ thats suit my lifestlye.
    Stressfree(goodluck finding that in a welder)
    Honest pay
    I could care less of owning a home, but owning a piece of land would do great! can that be accomplished as a welder in NZ.
    America has got me with this goofy standard of measurements, will kiwi's have patience w/ me..1/64, 3/8, 7/16,3/4.....etc, bullshit, but the pay is stable! No!!! I do not need the next hottest thing , just some reliable wheels, warm home, and good food and less Americanism.
    I have never had to find a job, member of a union craft, I was passed the torch to burn off that last lug, All the jobs that seem interesting to me are followed by 'YOU MUST BE A NZ RESIDENT TO APPLY' .... so what do I do now? I'll avoid false promises and will not shoot myself in the foot
    What is a good salary for a welder/boilermaker in NZ? meaning modest and conservative
    What are the secrets on getting a job from a Kiwi?

    All the frustrations on the economy makes me wonder if its worth it? No, Im not in danger of my health in the present, and yes the comforts of home is here. but something is real ugly.... anyway onto another stable journey to find comfort and a stressfree environment, payed by the honest work...Roatan, Hondoras here I come
    What are Kiwi's favorite holiday spots?
    Thanks for the post, I will pursue further....


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