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Thread: Australian Police certificate!!!

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    Unhappy Australian Police certificate!!!

    Hi all,

    scenario : my boyfriend sent of a letter to Australia to obtain an application for a police certificate on 13th March, (he is in new zealand) and still not heard anything back. Am i being impatient?? Do they not realise we have already been apart 6 months and this is just prolonging the agony?????. Just wondering if anyone out there has had to apply for an australian police certificate and how long it took to actually get it?? Its not even like i can phone and chase, coz they only give you a postal address!!!!any info would be appreciated. my immigration gave me a month to obtain this, deadline is upon me? what to do?
    gill x

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    Calm down now, calm down. It seems the month they gave you to supply the document is a standard reply. We've had a couple of requests for them for further evidence and the month is what they've given us too. As for the Australian police certs - can't be sure - but if our UK one is anything to go by it took 6 mths!! Ring your case officer and explain, there's nothing you can do if there's nothing you can do - it's not you holding up the process. The main thing is to keep you case officer informed - then all should be well.

    And by the way did I say calm down
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    Police certificates can take a long time to come through with each country having its own timetable. Some countries offer a fastrack system where you pay more to expedite the certificate. In the UK the standard time is up to 40 days but I'm sure it varies up or down from that. It doesn't give a specific time on the page for Australia which isn't very helpful. I see it asks for a certified set of fingerprints, too. Sheesh, that's a bit awkward.

    This is all it says for Australia.

    Specific procedure for Australia
    Applicants in Australia – apply to your local police station in the State or Territory where you are currently residing and ask for a National Fingerprint and Name Check police certificate.

    Applicants outside Australia – request forms to apply for a National Fingerprint and Name Check police certificate from the address below.

    Apply to:

    Australian Federal Police
    Criminal History Branch
    Locked Bag 1
    WESTON ACT 2611

    Once the forms are received, a certified set of fingerprints will be required along with the completed forms.

    A fee is payable.
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