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    Default Hi Everyone

    Hi peeps, I am sorry I haven't been on for awhile but life has been hectic. Mum came over at Christmas for about 3 weeks and a colleague I worked with in UK paid a flying visit last week.

    To bring you upto date I am living and working in Whakatane. I am a midwife at the hospital but have now branched out on my own. Basically am working independently as a midwife. A lot of people will be unaware of the system here but you can have your own midwife all the way through pregnancy, birth and after the birth. Very unique system here in NZ. Something else to get used to.

    I have moved, yet again. I was in Ohope which is beautiful and near the beach. Because I have a 14 year old there was no social life so moved into town. Near work and school and shops etc.

    Have been to a few places since being here. Auckland, briefly. Wellington, windy, Rotorua, smelly, Tauranga, busy but nice Taupo which was very cold. Matamata which was nice and I went to Christchurch, twice which I do like but it's colder than were I live, Bay of Plenty. It is always sunny here except for the last few weeeks because it has been raining.

    My daughter is settling in very well and has lots of friends and a very good social life. She has tried surfing and body boarding for the first time this summer. Not something you see much of in sunny old Bolton where I originated from.

    All in all I am happy here, have been here since last April so nearly a year. Have no plans to go back to the UK. I would say this is my home now.

    Sorry I stayed away for so long and will try not to again.


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    Good to hear from you Vee and glad things have settled down for you now and you're feeling at home.

    Sounds as though you have been keeping busy and congrats on your (almost) 1st year anniversary in NZ.
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    Veeeeeeee!! Welcome back

    So good to hear things are finally working out for you. You certainly sound more settled and happier than in your last post. If you've made 3 house moves, perhaps it's a case of 3rd time lucky. Great news that your daughter is happy, too. That's a big hurdle out of the way.

    Look forward to seeing you around here again.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Good morning

    Thanks for the replyes girls. I am at home on my day off and Georgia is suffering from yet another sore throat, think it is glandular fever, it is very expensive having to keep going to the GPs.

    I think this is my 5th move actually although I did have a couple of motel stays when I first got here. It is hard settling in and it is very hard being a single parent.

    Anyway I will try to sign in more and keep you upto date.


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    Hey Vee!!
    Good to hear from you babe
    Sooooo pleased it's all coming alrighty righty for you hun.
    Keep smiling
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land


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