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Thread: Mob Rule!

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    Default Mob Rule!

    A worrying trend certainly to me in New Zealand is the crime from youths!
    Yes, even in little Dunedin we have gangs appearing to get away with things and driving at high speeds in their tin can cars.
    I mentioned to my staff today the fact I had seen a car load of lads driving round with their faces covered with red scarfs!
    Agast they said : you didnt look at them did you?
    Why I replied with having lived through the skinhead era why should I worry!

    Anyway, any one else got oppinions on the so called Mongrel Mob.

    Come on NZ get them sorted........

    Not trying to be a Nimby as I wore the gear when I was so young a couple ......of years ago.

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    The Mongrel Mob, Black Power and lots of smaller gangs have been around NZ since the late 60's similar in some ways to Hell's Angel's of USA and Europe. Or

    Being a member of these gangs is not illegal although the crime they are allegedly associated with is, generally the manufacture and distribution of Meth. Vast amounts of easy money is available to those who want it and unlike a lot of the skinheads of the 70's are not a bunch of thugs with hard right wing political views.

    They live within their own subculture and as a member of the public you would be of no real interest to them unless you were thought to be a threat to their activities.

    The gangs have a justified reputation but on the occasions I have seen patched members in Countdown shopping not intimidating at all. I wouldn't however wander anywhere near the gang headquarters thats for sure.

    Some bars have signs request no patches or colours to be worn within the premises.

    Dysfunctional family backgrounds with a lack of positive male role models attracts the young, some of who already have family members patched, into the perceived respect of being associated with these gangs. Media coverage also adds credibility too.

    Alan Duff's screenplay of 'Once Were Warriors' gives and insight of the plight of such disillusioned youth. Although the book/film tackles much wider issues and could easily apply to other ethnic groups. Recommended viewing.

    My take is that you really don't want to confront these youths as they believe they are above the law and their code of silence will allow them to evade prosecution.

    Right or wrong? I can't say for sure but they (gangs) do not exist in the life of my wife or children.


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