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    Hi all great form, as per my earlier post, I have just married my kiwi wife and am now starting the immigration route, I am applying under the family (partnership) , could somebody give me the link to the correct forms we need from the NZ immigration site, its all a bit confusing (probably just me). also caould anybody outline the process and timescale of a partnership application?? i.e. in what order to things go forms then medical then police check etc etc I am really not sure, just trying to get things straight in my head timescale etc

    Thanks all in advance.

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    I think this is the page your looking for

    Steps to apply

    On that page there is a PDF that you'll need; well actually a couple. Paperwork fun! This page puts all the stuff you need to do into step-by-step order, so that should answer your other question...



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