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Thread: Pretty Sure this has been asked ................

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    Default Pretty Sure this has been asked ................

    We are just about to at long last recieve our goods from the UK, we have an LCD TV about a year old, will this work in NZ ?
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    should both be the PAL format, so i dont see why not...?

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    I don't think the older sets work very well, if at all, in NZ but the newer ones should although, in some cases, you may have to fiddle about with them. I tried to do a search for the old threads on this but the term 'TV' was too short for it to accept. Sometimes the gas in them gets unsettled during transit and causes a bit of a problem with the screen over time but I think it can be recified. Some people buy a cheapo NZ video recorder and run their TV through that. Sometimes you can get the sound but not the picture or vice versa and this method can help to level things out. If yours is only a year old, I'd hope you'd be OK with that.

    I'm sure someone will know the full answer to this when they stick their head into the forum.
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    New LCD TV's should be fine, it's the older CRT type TV's that got affected by the change in polarity or something!

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    Your set will be able to decode the PAL signal but the audio tuner may not. I.E. a picture but no sound. I would recommend a Free to Air sat decoder (or Sky if you wish to pay) for a perfect picture and sound.

    Analogue signals are broadcast from VHF to UHF frequencies and subsequently very poor reception is common.

    CRT's are calibrated slightly differently in the northern hemisphere due to the Earth not being a perfect sphere but slightly "squashed" and therefore the magnetic fields in each hemisphere are affected differently and not uniform.

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    You'll be ok if you have Sky. You will probably have to route the terrestrial signal through a kiwi VCR or freeview box because the sound signal is transmitted at a different frequency in NZ than the UK. You'll get a picture but no sound.


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