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Thread: certified copies???

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    Question certified copies???

    hey again

    i am still a little unsure about which documents i have to get certified? I am applying under partnership policy. i am sending a ceritfied copy of my birth certificate. The rest of my evidence consists of a tenancy agreement(original) family statements, emails , photos, would these need to be certified??
    wee bit confused

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    Hi Gill,

    Have a read through this and see if it clarifies things for you.

    1. Order of Application.

    Please submit documents in the following order (top to bottom):

     Migrant Levy form
     Application fee
     Application form
     Passports
     Full Birth Certificates
     Relationship evidence
     Custody/financial dependence of children ?if relevant
     Evidence of job offer/ current employment
     Evidence of NZ registration if required to take up job offer
     Evidence of qualifications
     Full NZQA assessment ? if relevant
     Evidence of work experience
     Partners job offer/Qualifications
     Evidence of their NZ registration if required to take up job offer
     Evidence of English Language proficiency, if required
     Medical certificates
     Police certificates

    If you are providing originals rather than certified copies please provide a photocopy behind each item. This does not include the application form or medical certificates ? these must be original documents.

    2. Originals/ Certified Copies of Originals

    You must provide either originals or certified copies of all documents submitted. We are unable to accept photocopies without the original document. Copies may be certified by notary public in the UK (Justices of the Peace in New Zealand) Lawyers or Solicitors. Certification by members of the South African Police, Post Masters, Bank Tellers and School Teachers not accepted for Immigration purposes.

    If you are not providing certified copies of documents you must include the original document with a photocopy immediately behind it.

    INZ reserves the right to request any original documents when only certified copies are provided.

    There's also a bit about submitting documents on here .
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