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Thread: Going back to the UK for university

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    Default Going back to the UK for university

    Hi, my husband and I have recently moved to NZ with our 16 year old son, Chris.

    We're both delighted to be here but Chris is finding it very difficult, as although he didn't mind at the time of leaving the UK, he now realises how much he loves the UK and is dying to go home (mainly because of the extreme closeness between him and his friends). He is starting school in NZ in a week, and although reluctant, has decided to treat living in NZ like a long holiday, until he goes back to the UK in 2010 for university.

    I just wanted to clarify how easy it is to move back for uni (converting qualifications etc.) and if anyone was faced with a similar situation.

    Thanks, let me know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepBlue7 View Post
    I just wanted to clarify how easy it is to move back for uni (converting qualifications etc.) and if anyone was faced with a similar situation.
    Can I just clarify, by converting qualifications, do you mean if he wanted to return to NZ to take up employment? If so, I guess he would be in the same situation as all other potential immigrants from the UK who need to have degrees from either recognised universities or, otherwise, have them evaluated by the NZQA .
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    I am sure I read somewhere - can't for the life of me remember where - that if he returns to the UK to go to Uni he may be classed as an international student and be liable for international fees (approx ?12,000). It may be worth checking with any university and even the government or education department that deals with student loans/grants.
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    Default hello from holland

    hello deep blue

    by accident i came to this website and so many stories on the website are familar to our family
    after living in nzealand for 18 years my husband had the opportunity to get the dream job back in amsterdam
    i come from holland so for me that was wonderful news as i also have been homesick in a way
    our son john is born in newzealand and is a true blue kiwi and loves it more than anything else
    our son decided to finish his tech course for cheffing and i would stay till the end of the year
    but things turned out differently two weeks before my husband was to leave our son decided that he wanted to come and live in holland and we all went
    including our dog kodi
    after initial trial and error with school he finally found a job where they do speak english most of the time
    is he home sick you bet, he misses the kiwi life style and laidbackness what i call comatose at times
    we had a very good life style in newzealand but like most expats at times homesickness came in and you look at your lifestyle in nz
    i can understand your son and feel for him, but it is amazing as he looks at being there at the moment as a long holiday
    ones he is settled in school and sport and mates things might change completly for him
    so do'nt be surprised that in a few months he will feels differntly about being there
    i know john will go back one day but he also knows that his experience to be come one of the top chefs he will have to work in europe and the states
    he is lucky and gets the chance to go back to nz every year for a holiday
    i you know deep blue after all those years being homesick and dreaming of being home i miss newzealand
    never thought i would say that
    yes we are coming back in a few years
    for now we are going to enjoy europe
    good luck



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