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Thread: 2007 into 2008

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    Default 2007 into 2008

    Having left 2007 behind you, what are you hoping for in 2008?

    For those who are still undergoing the immigration process, are you still feeling as confident about taking the big step as you were when you first started or are doubts creeping in? Will this be the year you take the plunge?

    For those who have been in NZ for some time now, how did 2007 shape up for you and what would you like to change or see being changed during 2008?

    I guess this is a 'looking back/looking forward' sort of thread.
    Mother Bear

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    Well MB, as one of those yet to make the leap I am hoping that OH will be able to get all his worries into perspective so we can finally click the submit button on our EOI. Then I am looking forward (rather apprehensively) to the big move. I am sure there will be many ups & downs along the way but I am convinced it will be worth it in the end, and then I look forward to seeing 2009 in in a new country with a new start.
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    Well- we too will be taking the leap to the other side of the world in 2008 with no doubts at all that it is the right thing to do. Who knows how we will feel when we get there but if we don't give it a go we will never know.

    We are starting the year with packing up our home and moving in with the FIL. We wll be officially homeless on the 14th Jan

    We still have no definate date for making the big move but will be sometime between April and June (depending upon OH contract) so won't be getting a summer until xmas 2008

    I hope everyone elses plans for 2008 go as you are hoping and hopefully I will see some of you in the near future!
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    We have been here two and a half years now and, although we are happy and feel settled, we hope that 2008 will be the year where we will feel more a part of the community now that we have stuck it out and know so many more people here.

    Unless we ever manage to change our accents there will still be the odd presumptious idiot like we saw in a shop recently whilst buying a camera - he kept converting the price into pounds as if we have just come off the plane!

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    Like Nickydwuk, we are still waiting to push the EOI submission button but it is me, and not OH, who is dragging my feet. Ironically, I have been the one wanting to do it for a couple of years now! so big decisions to be made in 2008 for us.

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    2007 was a great year, not happy to see it go... We visited NZ's south island in late fall, first trip out of the US and I must say what a release of anxiety...we enjoyed it so much we didnt want to come back. Everyone around me was healthy and noone got I hit a snag in Nov.-Dec in my thoughts of NZ because the money issues overtook my thoughts(and OZ too, with the load of work for boilermakers), I had a great financial year in the states and I almost invested in 12 acres of land for a future home that I could never afford, but I'm so glad it lasted only a few weeks and now Im back on track creating a list of all that I have to do for 2008. GOOD BYE 2007

    Hello 2008: Hope everyone around me and in this forum keeps thier health and positive life. My goal for this year is to get these credit cards payed off, yep, I fell in that slump at college, all I saw was FREE!!! well it wasnt. Since my sign off date for NZ isnt until 2009/first quarter of 2010, my EOI will wait, but in the mean time I will be trying to get my OH to walk through the process of immigration so there will not be as many surprises when the next countdown comes. I will probably submit my qualifications to the NZQA, so I know they know Im GOOD LUCK to anyone reading this

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    Hey guys!!!!! Just the vair vair best of everything to all of you wonderful peeps on this here forum Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, make the barest bones of plans and then sit back, watch them flesh out and unfold.

    Good health and good luck to all
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land

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    I'm hoping we come to a wise decision about whether or not we're moving to NZ. Wish us clarity! So many factors to consider, and we're not big risk-takers.

    I also hope I keep building momentum with my painting. I completed 14 pieces in 2007, which is a record. I hope to get outside and paint in plein air.
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    Hello everyone and happy new year 2008.

    We (Carsten and me) just arrived in this forum and on the 3rd of May we will also be arriving at some other new place: New Zealand. Having planed this for two years and having gone all the way from the "do we really have to go"to the "can we go now, can we go now?", I can truly say, that our motives for a new start have passed the test of time.

    What are the motives? Here the quick run: better work life balance own home great nature businessfriendly politics antiwar attitude friendly people far away location.

    How boring, without a perspective and without real challenge our life would be without this great adventure ahead.

    Good luck to all you fellow settlers out there who also want more from life. Cheers to the new year hooray!!!

    Petra and Carsten

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    2007 found me very homesick for nz and thanks to finding this forum I found out it was still possible for us to try to return/immigrate.

    I instantly found a job online for OH that he was interested in, he did the phone interviews, and is now down to the last step where he should fly down for the final interview. He hasn't pushed the EOI button yet and he hasn't booked tickets yet..

    As 2007 closed we were frantically using our calculator trying to figure out how we could manage to live on this potentially greatly reduced salary, in a our favorite city in nz, and still manage to pay to relocate ourselves and buy a house..

    2008 has arrived with no final decision but it is looking very very doubtful we will be able to take up this fantastic potential offer. Our house isn't ready to sell yet, despite long hours of renovating and the financial prospect of living in nz looks bleak. I'll probably spend the rest of 08 wrestling with longing for nz, frustration at my calculator, and trying to find a way to be happy in Canada or if not trying to find another job (but higher paying) in nz.

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