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Thread: Marrying a Kiwi Girl

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    Default Marrying a Kiwi Girl

    First off I want to wish every one a very merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

    The title of my thread say it all.I have known this women LONG before I was well to do so to speak.She Has visited me in the states for a few years now.And we have talked about marriage.

    Is the possibilty for me to visit her in New Zealand and while their marry her??Not sure if immagration is receptive to that idea.And if its possible to do that would I then be allowed to stay in New Zealand,buy a house,move her and her 3 kids in with me,and live happly ever after.

    As a side not as know guys know I talked and had a sit down with an immigration lawyer.The meeting didn`t go as well as i hoped it would.I just had a bad feeling about this guy.My gut feeling was he was all about the money and really had no interest in my well being.

    As always thanks every one for your valued knowledge and wisdom.

    Take care and may the New Year bring every one much happiness and good health.


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    Hi John and a very Merry Christmas to you.

    I dare say you could visit your girlfriend in NZ and maybe even marry her without a problem but I'm afraid it wouldn't be enough to allow you to stay there.

    These are the links you need to read up on:
    Can I sponsor my partner (for the lady in question) and Steps to apply . This is a quick check about applying under the Partnership Policy.

    Basically you need to have been living together for 12 months before you can apply under this category.

    If you intended to work, however, it seems there's a way in by getting a Work Permit which would allow you enough time to stay in NZ with your partner in order to comply with the 12 month living together ruling. If you look here Kiaora tells us about it as she's in a similar position. I think this may be a new ruling regarding kiwis sponsoring partners, as I'd never heard of it before she mentioned it. Might be worth thinking about although it doesn't make it clear whether you actually have to work on this permit or not. With an ordinary WP you have to have a job offer and must work at that job.

    A very happy and healthy New Year to you (I won't mention prosperous New Year as you've already had that this year. )
    Mother Bear

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    Sorry to hear that the lawyer is probably a sheister. If you're intimidated by the process of applying for PR, perhaps you can offer to pay someone (like your niece) to be sure the paperwork is in order. It's not that awful if a person is organized and patient. I still think going as an investor would fit you.

    Best of wishes for happiness with your Kiwi gal.
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