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Thread: New Zealand household expenses

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    Default New Zealand household expenses

    A short but very topical article. However, there are bound to be plenty who say they spend a lot less. I certainly have to.

    Friday November 30, 03:57 PM

    Household expenses nearly $1,000 a week

    The average New Zealand family spends just under a $1,000 a week on household expenses.

    Statistics NZ says housing costs, including mortgage or rent payments, power bills and rates, suck up the most money.

    For the average family, that component amounts to $224 a week, or 23 percent of their total costs.

    Food is the next biggest cost at around $156 a week.

    (From here: Household expenses nearly $1,000 a week - Yahoo!Xtra News)
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    Average household income stays just above inflation
    5:00AM Saturday December 01, 2007

    The average annual income of New Zealand households has increased only slightly faster than the rate of inflation during the past three years, official figures show.

    Statistics New Zealand's three-yearly household economic survey puts average annual household income at $67,973 in 2006/07, up 10.2 per cent from $61,668 in 2003/04.

    In comparison, a Statistics NZ official said the consumer price index had increased 9.1 per cent between the year ending in the June 2004 quarter and the year ending in the June 2007 quarter. But while the average income figure has done little better than inflation, the wage and salaries component of it has risen nearly twice as fast, up 17.7 per cent to $50,235.

    Income from self-employment was down 24.5 per cent to $4213, from investments it was up 17.4 per cent to $3057, superannuation and war pensions rose 1.6 per cent to $3970, and government benefits were up 5.7 per cent to $3740.

    The median annual household income was up 14.3 per cent to $55,976. The median figure means half of households receive more and half receive less.

    More here .
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    Same old...beware of statistics. The majority of NZers live in Auckland, more than a mill at last count I think. With AKL house prices, food prices, living expenses being most expensive it should influence the 'average' don't you think?
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    I would bet that if you took Auckland out of that lot, the average income would be half that.

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