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    Can I just dream? What if---

    Wouldn't it be great if the NZ goverment decided to pay all expenses - air fares, shipping costs etc - to all expats who wanted to return home to NZ? All Kiwis, along with their spouses and any children UNDER 18, [who would be granted automatic residence if non kiwi's] plus all their belongs that they wanted to bring with them and family pets as well, giving them 12 months free accommadation, free medical care for 12 months, help them find employment [if health permits], give them an allowance to live on for minimum of 12 months or until they get work [allowence would cease when they received first pay cheque]. To qualify they would have to have little or no savings, be living on State Benefits in the country they are now residing in and be living in local authority accommadation.

    [My husband and I are in this situation, curtesy of a drunk driver! My husband had just been getting over a serious illness when the accident happened. As a result we lost everything, including our home, since payment insurance runs out after 12 months.The compensation he got this March, after a five year struggle, was just enough to clear our debts. I look after him full time, hence receiving only benefits.
    Before he got ill hubby and I had even decided where in NZ we were going to live - the South Island [we like the snow] in Hanmer Springs.]

    Ah, well, it was a nice dream.

    In reality there is no hope of me, along with hubby and dogs, ever returning to NZ.

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    Hi Casslan, welcome to the forum. That's a sad story you're telling there. Presumably, from what you say, you are both New Zealand citizens who want to return home. I guess, under normal circumstances, you could just walk back in, but it seems your financial situation won't allow it. From the sound of it, your husband wouldn't even be able to withstand the long journey. It's difficult to know what to suggest to you that would be of any help.

    Have you got anyone who could look after your husband while you took a trip back to NZ? And have you any family there who could help buy you a ticket? It wouldn't be the same as going back to live, I know, but maybe a break would do you good. I don't know how long you've been away from NZ, but perhaps a trip back would be all you need, as things may not be quite the same as you remember them.

    Short of writing a letter to Helen Clark, I can't think of any other way to overcome your problems. I hope something will turn up for you and your luck will change for the better.
    Mother Bear

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