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Thread: is there a faster way for an almost 53 yr old ?

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    Default is there a faster way for an almost 53 yr old ?

    My husband and I would like to move to nz with our 3 kids. We tried it once before, we lived 6 months in enzed on a work visa (husband as a teacher) but came home due to a number of factors beyond our control. We have missed nz intensely since then.

    The problem is (or may be) that my husband will be 53 this June. From what I understand you need to apply for residency before you're 53 in order to have the whole process done before you're 56. We wouldn't move to nz unless we could be sure it was permanent , and we don't think we can get there that fast (house to sell, work to find etc)

    My question is if we had enough points with an EOI (assuming we found him a job offer we would have loads of pts- I've done the calculator) does that fast-track residency? Would we be able to gain residency even though he'd be already 53? Can you get residency (or a promise of ) before you arrive?

    I feel like I'm grasping at straws...but I am terribly homesick for nz (Cdn by birth but kiwi by soul, having spent alot of time there in the past) and I don't want to see us growing old here in Canada. I am youger than hubbie, have a BA but no skills to speak of (stay at home mom) to get us in on my own merits. Husband is well educated with a wealth of experience (in government, education, culture and heritage etc)

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    Hi Heidi

    Welcome to MoveToNZ.

    To apply for residency you need to be 55 or under. I would have thought applying whilst your husband is 53 would give him ample time to get everything finalised. As long as everything is in order i.e. medicals, police reports, qualifications etc. the process should only take a matter of months, not years (although I'm sure it feels more like years to some folks).

    If he can get 140 points or more, being selected for residency is almost automatic and should be reasonably speedy compared to others who have less than 140 points. It is quite possible to be granted PR before you get to NZ. Once you have been approved for PR you have 4 months to pay your Migrant Levy, then another 12 months to get to NZ to activate your PR, so there's a bit of time to play with if your house hasn't sold by then.

    Your husband can still put his application in before he has a job offer if he has more than 100 points with his skills, qualifications and work experience. Then, if he's successful in finding a job, he can inform INZ of this and they will amend his file accordingly and up the number of points he has. There's no need to wait until he has a job offer unless he really needs those extra points.

    Don't panic about his age - as long as he gets his application in by the time he's 55 that should be OK.
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