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Thread: Residency question

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    Default Residency question

    Hello anybody.

    I was granted residency for NZ in 2005. A year later I travelled to Auckland to get the residency 'activated'. I left a week later to my home in SA.
    Things have happened here SA and I can't yet start my new life in NZ.
    What I need to know is, what's the latest I can go to NZ? Feb 2006 is when I got my first RRV.
    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks JMS

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    Hi JMS,

    You need to have spent at least 6 months in each of the first two years of your residency in NZ, in order to qualify for an indefinate returning residency visa. If you do not go back within 2 years (before Feb 2008), your residency will be cancelled. The problem you will now face is that without a RRV, if you return to NZ you will never be able to leave without losing your PR.

    It's possible to apply to INZ stating why you were unable to be in NZ to qualify for a returning residents visa, and you may be granted an additional 2 years in which to spend the required amount of time in NZ. If you left again within that period, your residency would most certainly be cancelled.

    Hope that helps!

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    JMS, welcome to the forum.

    You need to return to NZ before your RRV expires, so, if your RRV is dated Feb 2006, I would imagine you'd need to get back before Feb 2008. It would be a good idea to check in your passport what date it gives you for expiry though, as usually the RRV is related to when you got your PR. As usual with INZ, there's a lot of rules and regulations dependent upon your particular circumstances. It may be possible to apply for further RRVs once the first one has expired, but I don't think you could get one for 2 years again. It may only be for something like 2 weeks or other very short period.

    There's a lot of info about RRVs here , which may guide you.
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    It sounds like I need to double-check these rules. I thought that after getting the blue sticker, one had a year to activate it, and two years from the blue sticker to be settled down. Ach, these confusing timing details! I wonder if Doctor Who has this much trouble?
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