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Thread: Salary in Wellington Vs Christchurch

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    Question Salary in Wellington Vs Christchurch

    I'm interested to know peoples experience on salary and what you can and can't live on. I'm in Christchurch at the moment, only been here a matter off weeks and have been offered jobs around 55-60k mark, yet I've just been offered a job in Wellington for 75k with 10%bonus.

    At present money is all relative to me, as i'm stopping with friends with uk sterling in the bank. Is 75k average, good, awesome money for Wellington - or is it like London, better money but lifestyle sacrifices and extra earnings used by that extra cost of living....

    So I'm interested in hearing from;

    People who live in Wellington, how they find it, cost of living etc. And what is good money there....

    And people who have lived in Wellington and Christchurch for a comparison..
    60k in Christchurch - in relation to 75k in Wellington....


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    We live in Wellington and both of us contract I'm on roughly about $65-$75k with no bonuses and with our combined salaries (hubby is on a fair bit more) we get along just fine. I know Salaries in wellie can be quite good but it depends on what industry you are in. We're both in IT and I know you can almost ask for anything in IT and you'll get paid not far off from what you are asking for.

    Rental prices vary, you can get a lovely 2 bedroomed place for $250 a week but this is unfurnished(not far from the centre of Wellie). We pay $650pw for a centre apartment which is fully furnished, two bedroomed georgous views over the harbour and mt vic and all our bills minus internet are included. We dont need to pay for transport to and from work and rarely use our car.

    A few months ago we stayed in a suburb about 15mins away by car and we paid $350 for a fully furnished house, with garden and carpark. But we did have to pay $7 a day each on taking the bus to and from work, electricity, telephone and internet bills. I presume bill costs like these will be similar pricing all over the country.

    As for lifestyle expenses this all depends on what you like. We enjoy the odd night out of a weekend and dining out and the movies and can do this no problem. We tend to go exploring and go weekends away once a month and still manage to save money in the bank....dont ask me how we do it but we do and we dont struggle at all.

    I think everyone is different on their expenses and it depends on how many dependants you have and what life you want to lead.

    But I must admit we also lived in Rotorua on nothing like the salaries we are on in Wellington and still managed to do an awful lot. Granted we budget more and couldnt do things at a drop of the hat but we never went without.

    It's all a very personal experience and everyone is different when it comes to spending cash. So it can be almost like the 'how long is a piece of string' question...

    Sorry I cant be of more help. It may be an idea contacting Recruitment Agencies to see how much you could espect to earn in Wellington and then have a look at rental prices and do a bit of a comparison between the two cities?


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