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Thread: I am going to Christchurch early next year to visit my Son

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    Default I am going to Christchurch early next year to visit my Son

    I was just wondering if i can hire and drive with my Irish licence in N/Z. I am having a good look around again for 3 weeks just to convince myself i am making the right decision in retireing there. Hope i will have some fun as i feel happier this time going over there. I spent 10 days there before but dident see much because it was all new to me . I think it would be a good experience and ill find out alot this time while im there. I am thinking of getting accomodation there and a hire car and do some real looking around as my son will be very busy always as he has his own business. It will be nice to be independent .Looking forvward to it very much.

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    If we can do it with our Texas license, I can't imagine you'll have any trouble. To the extent you're staying in Chch you may not need a car the whole time - depending on how much you like to walk, it's possible to get to quite a lot.

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    I don't see why it would be a problem. We rented a car and registered the car we bought using our US licenses. When I asked the fellow at the rental agency about it, he said that typically rental companies don't expect an international drivers license.

    I would second Duane's point about the public transportation and walking. If you stay near the CBD you can pretty much walk to most places. Bus routes are fairly extensive--by US standards at least, though I don't know what they're like in Ireland. Furthermore, you can get shuttle buses to most of the attractions in the city and nearby, such as the Antarctic Center, Akaroa, even Kaikoura or the West Coast.

    If you want to rent, I can recommend this company:

    Christchurch Rental Cars, Car Hire Christchurch, New Zealand Rental Car, Luxury Vehicle Hire - AAA Car Rentals, Christchurch, New Zealand

    Let us know when you're here. We'll let you know what not to miss!
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    Shouldn't be any problem with an Eire driving licence Tribesman - especially if you've got one of the EU ones.

    Don't forget there's always the tram in Chch. Handy for a loop of the tourist attractions and you can dine on board in style in the evening. Or get married on it if the fancy takes you!

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    As long as your license is current, covers the type of vehicle you want to drive and you're over 25 yrs old, you should be fine to hire a rental car. You can drive on a valid foreign license from most western countries for up to 12 months in NZ before you're required to have an NZ license.


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