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  • NZ is everything I hoped for and Iím here to stay.

    1 6.25%
  • NZ isnít perfect but the good outweighs the bad, so Iím staying

    14 87.50%
  • NZ has problems which might cause me to change my mind about staying

    1 6.25%
  • NZ isnít measuring up for me, so will return home again at some point

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  • I canít wait to get outta here

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Thread: NZ - will you stay or will you go?

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    Default NZ - will you stay or will you go?

    Ayup, as Dawn would say. Another poll and one that's slightly relevant to Baggiebird's question tucked away in the Introductions thread above, which didn't get much response from those NZ dwellers amongst you.

    The poll is to gauge your current feelings about NZ and it would be good if you could add a little post comparing NZ to your 'old' country. Andy asked for a comparison between NZ and England, but I would hope he'd be interested to hear all of your comments no matter where you're from originally.

    Damn! The forum was full of members before I started compiling this poll and now there's hardly anyone left on here. Was it something I said??

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    There is no such thing as a perfect place, but our impressions so far we like it here and can see us staying on permanently, that said it is still early days so perhaps something will come up that changes our mind but nothing springs to mind at the moment

    The way we see it we have two years to decide before we can apply for residence on our WTR visa so come July 09 we will have to decide then and if we want to head back to the UK we will look at it as an amazing adventure and go home with heads high for having tried ....... dont see that happening though at the mo

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    I dont think where you stay in the world you will find your 'Perfect' place.

    NZ certainly has more to offer than Scotland for us. We also feel more content here. We've still got a lot to see and experience in NZ but at the moment we are more than happy here.

    We're going for PR and will be gutted if we dont get it. Hopefully we will and we'll see how things go. Too many people think that once you have PR that's you for life! We're not looking at it like that. We can see ourselves here for the next few years and having kids out here but beyond that who knows?!? 2 years ago we were all settled in Edinburgh and thought that was's amazing how life takes a change in direction.

    We just love the fact that kids are recpetful to adults, do so many outdoor activities rather than playing their PS2, work isn't all about work its about family life as well, what's on your doorstep is amazing and we can also afford a lot more now that we are out here and hope to complete a lot of our dreams whilst we're here.

    We know there are bad things in NZ but you dont hear about them with every newspaper you pick up. It makes you feel more positive about life. Rather than worrying about what could happen in the streets.

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    If you have realistic expectations then NZ is a good fit for the majority of migrants. Being able to earn a reasonable wage is the biggest gotcha for most.

    From a personal point of view my priority list was -

    Earning enough to comfortable.
    Our children to develop and grow into confident individuals in a caring (and beautiful) environment.
    Sort out my work life balance.

    First two get a big tick and living so close to work allows time for lunch at home, doing the school/kindy run and loving the time I have with my family - a far cry from the other parallel life and person I was.

    Will we ever move on again? Lil Amy sums it up nicely -

    "2 years ago we were all settled in Edinburgh and thought that was's amazing how life takes a change in direction"

    How true

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    I think I have been here too long to be able to objectively compare the two countries. However, it seems as if it is the population differences which seem have the biggest impact - in most of NZ the roads are so much less busy, beaches are uncrowded, life less frenetic. There is also less consumerism, which is good unless you thrive on 'retail therapy'. Even living in the cities seems better than some UK suburbs, though the traffic is almost just as bad.

    This would sum it up for us: we were happy to leave the UK, anxious but happy; if for any reason we had to leave New Zealand, we would be gutted.

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    We've been here 2 years in December!!

    What ever happens here, we're never going back to the UK. NZ has suited us well so far and I can't see it changing. My 18 year old has just had a month back in the UK to see family and friends and to see if living back in the UK was the best thing for him. He's been back here 2 weeks, got his old job back, is out with his mates and had about 6 reasons why he couldn't/didn't want to live in the UK again. Imagine my relief!


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    Ayup, as MB has said on my behalf.....what the flippin eck would we want to go back for? I knew wen we left the UK that unless somefin terribly terrible happened we wouldn't be back and it wasn't that we were sure that NZ was going to be the promised land, it was that once we were out of the UK we were on lifes adventure of 'what's going to happen to us and where we will go from here.'

    NZ seems to fit us like a glove. It suits the way we live our life, the people we are. I never ever felt like I belonged in the UK. My way of doing things was far too 'what the hell'. I didn't like being told what to do and how to do it, I didn't like the 'that'll never work' mentality, I went against it, I challenged authority and rubbed people up the wrong way, I made enemies because I was nothing other than honest, you'd be surprised how many people don't like honesty. Anyway, it's different here, they do like honest, most people tell it like it is, the powers that be let you get on with what you're doing, trusting that you're an adult and able to make informed decisions, unlike the UK.

    We may not stay here, life may decide we need to see somewhere else, that somewhere else has something we need, we'll see, but for now.....we're staying
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    Default will we stay or go???

    hi all,

    i thought i woul add my 10 cents worth just to let other people know.......

    coming to NZ without knowing anyone or having a base is very hard just like it would be in any country so dont be fooled that it is a walk in the park.

    we hired a motorhome for the first 2 weeks, which has been great as we are able to travel around, but we are now finding it hard to find a place to rent as most places are only doing short term rentals as the summer holidays start in December and they want you out as they can earn more money over the summer period, something i didnt know or take into account.

    the other downside we have found - hiring a campervan can be difficult to park in the towns as they are a bit big for standard parking places.
    on the plus the top 10 campsites are really good and we have found a great campsite in Takapuna.
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    NZ seems to have had a run of nasty/violent/senseless deaths/murders/fatal road accidents over the past few months so it's no heaven. But...... we've thoroughly enjoyed our first year here and can't see us heading back to the UK.

    Mind you, I suspect it might not be quite so good come the end of the Rugby World Cup. One of our ex-pat (UK) neighbours has been here 40 years and reckons that the Kiwis are poor losers...but even worse winners!

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    Default This post is going to get me in trouble

    These spring winds aren't helping...I was woken up at 5:45 am by howling winds so strong they sucked open the window in my baby's room. So now I'm up, ticked off, and ready to post a few thoughts on what I don't like about NZ.

    I come from an interior design/fashion retail background and have been appalled at the state of housing and the dearth of well-made clothing and footwear. I poured over forum postings for months before our move and thought I was prepared. But if you are from the States and take central heating and your local mall for granted, you are in for a horrendous shock. It takes me 5 trips to accomplish what one jaunt to Target would. And don't get me started on the lack of cleaning products (God, I miss my Swiffer cloths and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers).

    I plan to write a more lengthy post about my ex-pat experiences in the near future, but I wanted to respond to this poll. My husband loves it here, so I hope Kiwi life grows on me (and not like the mold in my unventilated bathroom).

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