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Thread: pensions???

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    Default pensions???

    hello everyone
    now Dawn has thoroughly convinced me the kids will be ok, what do you do about your old age in NZ? i mean, is there a state pension or private ones or do you just have to save like crazy all your life or what? actually there's another thing - is there an equivallent to the national health system or is it all private?

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    A link about health matters .

    One about the social security agreement between UK and NZ.

    Getting a UK pension paid in NZ . N.B. Once in NZ, the rate of UK state pension does not go up! It stays at the same rate, which is a complete swizz if you've paid your dues like everyone else in the UK, who go on to get all the increments.

    You can be paid a UK State Pension anywhere in the world, but you will only get annual increases if you live in any other EEA country, a country with which the UK has a social security agreement that allows increases, the Isle of Man or Sark.

    I think you have to live and work in NZ for 10 years before you can claim NZ superannuation (as they call it) and you have to be 65 or over. You can read about it here .

    Some of this may not apply to you but I'm throwing it on here in case anyone else is interested.
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