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Thread: Currency Question.

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    Default Currency Question.

    Hi im back.
    Wouldent it be great if we had a branch of some bank of N/Zealand here in Ireland, it would make currency transfer here so easy. Im abit nervous about money transfermayby its because i havent done it before. I wonder whats the best and easyest and best currency rate to transfer ?300,000 euro to N/Zealand. Is there anyone out there who might have done it from Ireland. I would love to know. Lets have some real feed back on this one. and make me a very happy man Tribesman. from Galway.

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    Hi Tom,

    I've taken the liberty of moving your thread down to this category as it will, hopefully, get more views here than in the Introductions category.

    It’s difficult to know how people transfer money from Ireland as opposed to the UK and the few Irish members we’ve had in the past have since disappeared into the ether.

    There are several companies that specialise in currency transfers, like the ones below.


    Have you thought about asking your son to open a NZ bank account for you? If he did it in his name, for the moment, you wouldn’t have to pay the higher tax rate as he’s a resident. You could pay money directly into that account then. I don’t know how legal that is, but it’s a thought.

    You can also open your own bank account in NZ although, as I said above, you would probably have to pay the higher rate of tax until you get PR. Take a look on the NZ Website List under Banking, Financial and Investment for some ideas.

    An old thread from the forum about transfering money.
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    Thanks Motherbear.
    Dident think of that. Now you got me thinking. I will look into that. Thanks again for the thought. I wish i was resident in GB . There is such a choice for everything. Thanks again. Tribesman.


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