After a lot of people trying to push their services on here, I thought I better publish some rules.

This forum is NOT to be used for ANY kind of advertising, product or service, unless prior approval is given. If you decide to ignore this, you will be banned permanently. This is in regards to commercial business, rental houses, houses for sale or any other offerings, however, offering an old copy of the road code (or whatever) by established (i.e have contributed to the forum) members is fine!

If you wish to post an an advert and are not an established member, a paid advertising service is available.

If you have any of the above you would like to put on, please USE THE ADVERTISEMENTS FORUM! Advertising in your signature is not permitted at all, although a link to your personal blog/site is fine (all links posted are checked for content and may be removed without notice).

Ok, so it's only one rule, and apart from that, feel free to enjoy yourself, and join in with the posting