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Thread: any experience with New Life New Zealand??

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    Default any experience with New Life New Zealand??

    Hi Everybody in the forum

    I'd like to introduce myself here. My name is Silvie, and I'm from Jakarta - Indonesia. I'm 25 y.o, single and have a big dream to get a job in NZ so I can pursue a career, a new experience in NZ. Short story is, I've really fallen for New Zealand

    I've looked for some agencies to help me get a job before moving to NZ.
    At website I read that there's one recommended immigration consultancy agency for ppl to get help getting a job/immigrating to NZ, namely New Life New Zealand.
    Initially, ppl need to pay ?47 for an eligibility assesment fee, and then pay them a success fee IF we find a job through them.

    Anybody has a success / good / bad experience with New Life New Zealand? I really need to make sure that they're credible.

    I know that it will be much easier to find a job if I'm already residing in NZ, but I'd like to take my chance to already get a job BEFORE moving there. I really wish wish wish

    Hope to hear from you all! Any other advise is really appreciated.



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    Hi Silvie,

    Generally, we've never recommended using an agent because of the problems with trust. In reality, some people like yourself want to use an agent. The only reason we recommend New Life New Zealand is because some people want to use agents, so we linked up with one we can at least guarantee is credible. I've spent a lot of time with their staff, I personally know some of their staff and have testimonials about their service.

    Whether you use them or not, well, thats your choice

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