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Thread: Your advice will be appreciated very much

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    Cool Your advice will be appreciated very much

    Could any one advise me or give suggestions, please?

    Two of my relatives who are sisters and have been living in Auckland as NZ citizens for the last 8 years. Their application to sponsor their father was rejected on a ground that some of the information provided in the application regarding their only brother were wrong. They are 2 sisters (are in New Zealand) and 1 brother ( with his father) in total. Actually by mistake they put a wrong date of birth of their only brother in the application. Recently their father lost his wife and as a result he is mentally and psychologically very weak. They have tried to bring their father on a tourist -which was also rejected by NZIS. I would like to help them in any way possible. Please advise me how they can bring their father to New Zealand either on the family sponsorship or on a visitor visa. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Genie ,

    Welcome to the forum.

    It is very worrying that NZIS won’t even allow the father into NZ on a tourist visa. That is quite unusual, so I would tend to think that something else is going on here. It could be that the wrong information previously given by the sisters has gone against them and NZIS has now ‘closed the doors’ on their application and also from allowing the father to enter NZ under by any other means.

    Some background information:

    To sponsor a parent for immigration the centre of gravity needs to be right. This relates to how many children a parent has in NZ compared to how many are in the home country or another country. If the father has 2 daughters in NZ and a son somewhere else, that should have been OK.

    This page tells you about the requirements for sponsoring parents and these are the steps for applying for residency under the Parent Category .

    If there is a problem with NZIS, I think the only way around the problem would be to try to appeal against the decision, especially if the father’s wife has only died recently, since the original application was made. Perhaps NZIS would look more kindly on the situation if the father is now alone.

    A couple of years ago there was also a Family Quota run by the NZIS where people who couldn’t get into NZ any other way, could join a kind of lottery. 250 names were pulled out every year. Unfortunately, it isn’t running at the moment because I believe there are so many people trying to get into the country that NZIS don’t need to run the lottery any more.

    I think, before the sisters can move forward on this, they need to find out exactly what the problem is that prevents their father entering NZ, then they can start to look at ways around it. Even if the father got into NZ with a Visit Visa, he could only stay for a short time - better than nothing but not very good if they want him with them full time.

    Sorry I can't be more help.
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    Hi Genie,

    That sounds a bit extreme if NZIS are denying him all entry because of a small mistake. I would have thought NZIS would have at least clarified it if they thought it was wrong. As MB says, they need to speak with NZIS to find out exactly what went wrong, as usually you have to have done something pretty serious to be banned from entering the country altogether.

    Good luck.

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