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    Unhappy Help Appreciated

    Hi all,

    Am hoping that someone can help me by answering a few questions and perhaps pointing me in the right direction.

    First off I am 43 years old CoHabitating with 3 children.

    My partner is an Anti Social BehaviourOfficer and at presnt I am a chat moderator in A chat room.

    Neither one of us has degrees just the normal secondary school education and GCE O Levels.

    My parents are both in New Zealand and have been citizens of NZ for the last 11 years, I must point out that i also have a sister living in the uk at this time.

    Having looked through the NZIS information I can't find any category that we would come under apart from Family Quota.

    We really realy would like to emmigrate to NZ to be with my parents, give the children a better life and us of course. Having been to NZ to visit my parents 3 tmes now it tugs at me even more.

    Can anyone help, have any suggestions ????



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    Perhaps you’ve already read that the Family Quota is more like a lottery than a true immigration category. It is generally run when the numbers under the Family Category are down and there are spare places. I would assume that the numbers have been well up for the last couple of years because the Family Quota hasn’t run, unfortunately.

    I also suspect you already know this, but according to the NZIS site, regarding sponsorship under the Family Category Sibling/Adult Child Policy , the fact that you have a sister in the UK goes against you I’m afraid.

    It also says ‘Your brother/sister or adult child must also have an offer of employment and meet a minimum level of income’ so it sounds like you’d need a job to go to as well. I’m not sure if your partner’s job type is on the Skills Shortages List, but without a qualification it could be that NZIS wouldn’t look at him.

    Many people, if they can’t get into NZ any other way, just go on a Visit Visa, look for a job and then get a Work Permit which allows them to remain in NZ and work for maybe 2-3 years. The hope then would be that the WP could be extended. If your partner’s work experience is in demand in NZ, perhaps if he managed to gain NZ experience for a few years, it might be enough to swing it for residency. It’s certainly not an ideal way to get to stay there, but, without the benefit of a degree or suitable recognised qualifications, it is very difficult to gain Permanent Residency short of investing $2 million (Investor Category) or running your own business under a Long Term Business Visa, which is often very difficult to achieve.

    I’m so sorry it’s not better news, as I feel it’s always very sad when families can’t be together but, no doubt, NZIS has its reasons for imposing these rulings. I do hope you can find a way to be with your parents.

    Anyone else have any helpful ideas?
    Mother Bear

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