Clark warning over Anzac dollar support
8:50AM Monday April 23, 2007
By Fran O'Sullivan

Half of New Zealanders want a common transtasman currency, says a poll issued last night in Australia.

The UMR poll reveals 49 per cent of New Zealanders favour a shared dollar, against 41 per cent of Australians.

That is a dramatic change since 2000 when only 29 per cent of New Zealanders supported such a change.

But Prime Minister Helen Clark warned today that a common transtasman currency would mean New Zealand adopting the Australian dollar.

"The convergence of trying to bring the two together could be quite rough on the smaller party," she said.

Miss Clark said an Anzac dollar had never been on offer and it had always been clear there would be one currency - the Australian dollar.

The issue has been debated for years, but shot back into the limelight after National Party leader John Key suggested last week it was an idea that should be explored.

Finance Minister Michael Cullen attacked Mr Key then, and repeated his opposition last night, saying New Zealand would lose control of monetary policy if the Kiwi dollar was abandoned in favour of a joint currency.

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