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Thread: Skilled migrants settling well

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    Default Skilled migrants settling well

    Most skilled migrants settling well - survey
    NZPA | Monday, 12 February 2007

    Most skilled migrants are enjoying life in New Zealand, but Asians are finding settling slightly tougher than other groups, new research shows.

    The research, conducted by the Department of Labour, shows that 90 per cent of skilled migrants were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with living in New Zealand.

    The survey asked migrants from 60 countries about their experiences in New Zealand one year after their arrival.

    It found 94 per cent of principal visa applicants were working for pay or profit, but the figure for Asians as a group was only 84 per cent.

    Despite having the highest proportion of respondents who defined themselves as professionals ? 34 per cent ? only 19 per cent of Asian principal respondents earned over $50,000 a year.

    More here .
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    Default Re: Skilled migrants settling well

    I think the study is not entirely accurate, well, most studies are not anyway. It is more like an indication or prediction.

    I think not only Asians had a hard time, people from all countries coming into NZ will have some kind of obstacles in settling down. Maybe not entirely job related but in general. I spoken to many many non kiwis and all has some form of obstacles. However the good thing is that the enviornment, like the people, recreation and such are helping to ease the settlement.


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    Default Re: Skilled migrants settling well

    Yip I must agree I think all expats find it hard at one stage or another in the big move.

    So many changes, different things you have to adapt too, making new friends. It's bound to affect everyone at some point or other.

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    Default Re: Skilled migrants settling well

    I think that's quite a difficult question to answer at this stage, being here for 6 months. I'd say so far it is quite difficult in some areas and fairly easy in others! Mostly negative on a financial level. So many Kiwis say to me that they're used to struggling and don't know any different!
    After our holiday next week I hope to come back saying that we've settled in nicely thanks! ;)

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