Oh dear, not in NZ as well? :-/

Liquid ban likely on all trips abroad
By COLIN PATTERSON - The Dominion Post | Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The days of being able to carry a bottle of water - or something stronger - on to overseas flights to keep yourself lubricated during the journey are numbered.
The European Union has joined Britain and the United States in banning liquids in carry-on luggage.

Australia is to bring in similar restrictions on March 31, which are then likely to be applied to all other international flights leaving New Zealand.

Whereas the US, British and European bans prohibit the carrying of all liquids - including aerosols, shampoos, sunscreen and some cosmetics - Australia will allow 100-millilitre containers of liquids, provided they are in clear plastic bags and are screened separately.

Transport Ministry chief executive Alan Thompson said the Australian restrictions were significant because most overseas flights to and from New Zealand travelled to or through Australia.

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