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Thread: Absolutly Brilliant Time

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    Default Absolutly Brilliant Time

    Ok, hello all.
    As always a short message.
    But now having spent the last month travelling through the north island having bought our car in Auckland - its wonderful!
    We have seen so much so far and dont get time to email!!
    Never can anyone imagine that there are so many things to see and the people are great !
    More to come as we get serious and plans start coming into line.
    Glad I purchased my money now months ago at 3.01 also- but never enough as always.
    chat soon.

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    Default Re: Absolutly Brilliant Time

    Great to hear from you Macfod. You sound like you're having a wonderful time and it can only get better with summer arriving at last. 8-)

    Keep us posted and let us know when you finally settle.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Re: Absolutly Brilliant Time

    Hi Mark,

    Glad you are enjoying your travels. I do miss our travels. We've been settled for 2 months and I couldnt wait for the Xmas break to travel about for a couple of weeks again.

    There is so much to see and do in NZ as you say. I do kinda wish we'd done a bit of travelling about in Scotland before we came across tho. Ah well....

    Enjoy youself!

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    Default Re: Absolutly Brilliant Time

    Lil, having travelled 14 countries before arriving here we have done our fair share.
    Looking to settle in Dunedin subject to sorting business and getting visa's.
    From then on we still plan to keep travelling though.
    At the moment we are wizzing about having done the north in four weeks we cross into the south next week.

    Keep you updated.

    mark :)

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