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Thread: a traveller's update

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    Default a traveller's update

    hello again everybody,

    well been here nearly a month and have seen a fair wee bit. it is as beautiful as i expected some places even more. kinda getting fed up with the travelling, cant wait to settle somewhere and get into way of life but for the mo i'm enjoying my adventures.

    wee summary :
    Auckland - arrived, tired and stressed, flight was great - from someone who hates it!, had lots to do - get car, bank sorted etc so didnt see much. but went to devonport - lovely, Rangitoto - amazing and did coast to coast walk thru Onet Tree Hill - again excellent. seen U2 - great. windy, windy

    rented car and off to Taupo - disappointed as entered cycle challenge but just couldnt organise bike in time so watched and enjoyed thge sun. windy

    Wanaganui - nice and relaxing, great backpackers - Anndion Lodge. nice views. windy :)

    Drive to ferry - weather bad but cleared up, awesome views in Marlborough Sounds.
    Drive down to Kaikoura - amazing drive down coast then went whale watching. highlight so far. oh and windy

    Christchurch - great city, loved it, relaxed, walked, watched Test match, went to beach. loved it. Also decided to start the more serious job hunt - i.e. let agencies know where i was and when i'd be available for interview. good respoonse so far. mainly windy too

    Dunedin - couple of days - again great and will need to return, lots of Scots names down this way - feels just like home - oh and the driving rain helped too ;D

    Drive to Queenstown drive was amazing, just like home, great scenery and arrived and thought WOW! what a place. just here so some walking, sailing maybe and if i can pluck up courage maybe bungy! NOT. well also, got first interview lined up - Next month in Wellington.

    Well couple of days here then off up North - Nelson, for a few days, Marlborough then Wellington before on to Napier and then return car to Auckland.

    I've loved it, been lonely at times but hey knew it would be, miss family friends, but they are all in touch all the time so aint so bad.

    bye for now.

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    Default Re: a traveller's update

    Hi Justnozi,

    Great to hear from you . You've certainly packed in a lot since you arrived. How have you been finding the accommodation? Did you manage OK? Pity about the bike challenge after you'd hoped to take part.

    Let's hope your loneliness will evaporate once you put down roots. Always difficult to bond with people when you're constantly on the move.

    Good luck with the rest of it and keep us posted of your adventures and thoughts on NZ.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Re: a traveller's update

    Hi Justnozi,

    You sound like you've had fun.

    I had the same feeling when we travelled around. I just wanted to settle down. Now we're settled I miss being on the road. Enjoy it whilst you can. Reality and Normality soon sink in and all you want to do is travel again.

    It's taken a good few months to get used to normal life although we're trying to do as much as possible at the weekends to still see different parts of NZ and not get into the rut of just chilling around the house at the weekends.

    Have fun. Wellie weather is fast improving - it'll be glorious by the time you get here!

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    Default Re: a traveller's update

    Great to hear from you Justnozi! I wih I can travel more but work is in Welly but I will soon take a good break. Thinking of driving to Roturua and Hawkes Bay!

    Yep, Welly weather is improving and we have straight two days of sunny days now.


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    Default Re: a traveller's update

    hi there you all, thanks for the good wishes.

    Yes, i sound a bit moany - not wanting to travel/cant wait to settle. sorry i'm gonna take advice and just enjoy while it lasts :)

    travelling has been fine - couple of long drives Queenstown to Greymouth - but beautiful through the mountains. spent a nite there, just stopover. Now in Motueka - for some sun. Its glorious - out on Kayak tomoro, should be fun. then off to Nelson for a couple of nites.

    Accommodation has been great, thanks Lil Amy, you were right. Bacxkpackers are clean, friendly, great value, very central, etc - magic places for travelling. some better than others but hey all get pass marks. stayed some hotels too - mainly on arrival and also camped out in Taupo - aghh me back ;D

    Well hope you'se are all well and catxch up with youse soon.

    And i can say a proper bye now as my internet cafe time hasnt run out on me ;D

    Merry Christmas to you all if i cant get back online. enjoy the holidays.

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