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Thread: We have Arrived and a New Year's Eve Question

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    Default We have Arrived and a New Year's Eve Question

    ;D Hello all,

    Well we have finally arrived from sunny Spain to Sunny Auckland. So far so good. We have found a nice car after searching around the millions of car places!!! Also we have found a nice little place to rent in Takapuna which is North Shore and very nice. Very close to the beaches and shops. Next on our list is jobs but we won't be doing any of that nonsense until after the new year!!! ;)

    Also our little dog arrived safely which was a huge relief. He is in quarrantine for one month but he seems okay and we can visit him as often as we like. He seems happier now he knows that we are here.

    Anyway we were thinking about doing something nice for New Year's eve but we are not sure what really. It would be lovely to go to a hotel somewhere, but it would need to be pet friendly. We don't really know many people yet, obviously so we thought a hotel might be good fun. It would be good around Auckland or maybe bay of islands but I'm not sure where to look.

    Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Speak soon.

    Shaz 8-)

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    Default Re: We have Arrived and a New Year's Eve Question

    Hurray! Another successful landing. Lovely to hear from you Shaz and that life is looking good downunder. Hope it continues and you manage to pack plenty of fun in between now and when you need to do that boring job stuff once again.

    Have you thought about hiring a campervan for New Year and doing a bit of touring around? Was just wondering if that might relieve you of the pooch worry, that is assuming pets are allowed in campervans and on camp sites (although you could park up in the bush or countryside where anything goes).

    Have a great time and let us know how you get on.
    Mother Bear

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    Default Re: We have Arrived and a New Year's Eve Question

    Hi Shaz,

    Great to hear you are settling down in New Zealand! :)

    If you haven't got one already, you will have to look through the AA or Jason's accommodation books (or go online) to find that motel that allows pets. It may be difficult getting a hotel, motel, or campervan, at such short notice.

    There is generally a good atmosphere in Paihia (Bay of Islands) all through New Year's Eve with lots of music and fireworks, though some past years have had a bit too much drunkiness. They also have good displays in Auckland New Year's Eve. However, maybe that would not be so great for a dog.

    Can't help too much with anywhere exciting to count down the New Year - with four kids, I'll be in bed asleep, as I have been for many years. :(
    In NZ since June 2005
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