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    HI all we are here at last ;D living on the kapiti coast, weather a bit grim at the mo but summer is coming, ill keep you all posted. Thank for all your help Rob and family

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    Welcome! Welcome!

    Kapiti is really a nice place although the wind can be a problem sometimes. But as with many people I spoke to, once you get used to it, it will be fine..

    Try the cheese in kapiti, I heard they are good! And if you have the time, a trip to Kapiti island will be wonderful.


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    ?Well done, Rob. ?Glad to hear you've finally made it. ?Hope life treats you well on the Kapiti Coast. ?I'm sure we'll all look forward to catching up with your news when you have time. ?

    Good luck. ?
    Mother Bear

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    Welcome to NZ Rob,

    The weather at this end is a bit grim but we are getting a few days in a row of glorious weather so dont let it dampen things.

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    Hooray ;) You must be so excited. Kapiti eh? I'll be pumping you for loads of info then ;) Whereabouts are you? Renting, buying.......?

    Hope the weather picks up for you and you can all make the most of that beautiful coastline.

    Congrats on touchdown :D
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land


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