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    Default Making Friends

    Hi again

    I just wondered if anyone has used any websites to chat to other UK expats in the are of New Zealand whixh they are moving to. I would feel a lot less panicky if I thought I had some friends in Auckland when I arrived! I think i will be living in either Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Westmere or Grey Lynn. Anyone out there in those areas?


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    Hi Lisa,

    You may also want to try the Gumtree Website ( that's quite good for meeting people ie clubs, flat mates etc.

    I'm in Wellington at the moment but I'm sure if you stay on this site you'll meet some friends. We're all dotted about both islands but get to chat a lot on email/forum about our experiences which is good. Most people experience the same things and have similar thoughts even though we're all over NZ.

    Good Luck!

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