A little nugget to entice your olds to make the move to NZ. Don't know that it would soften the blow that they won't be able to get the annual pension increments in NZ that they'd get in the UK though. :-/

'Supergold' discount card for pensioners from August next year
12.15pm Saturday November 11, 2006

A "Supergold Card" offering a wide range of discounts for senior citizens and veterans will be available from August next year, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says. Mr Peters today unveiled plans for the card, which is part of the party's support agreement with Labour.

Once operational the card will deliver discounts on a raft of goods and services - possibly even including items such as petrol and insurance. It will also draw together seniors' existing discounts and publicise them on a website and hotline.

The card will be available to all senior citizens and those receiving a veteran's pension. About 540,000 people will be eligible.

Mr Peters said the card recognised the contribution senior citizens had made and continued to make to the country. "The Supergold Card will have tangible benefits that will make a real difference to cardholders by providing easy access to government concessions as well as discounts for commercial goods and services."

The launch of the card coincided with the start of a tendering process for companies wishing to discount their products and services to cardholders. Mr Peters said many businesses had recognised the value of the card and expressed an interest in taking part.

The card would be available from August and would automatically be sent to everyone receiving NZ Super or a Veteran's pension. Anyone else over 65 could apply for a card. Cardholders' spouses would be able to access the discounts even if they were under 65 themselves.

Mr Peters said legislation associated with the card would be introduced this year.

The Ministry of Social Development has set up a freephone for inquiries: 0800 254565; and a separate number for businesses: 0508 650000.