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    Default IT Contractors Wages

    I tend to apply for all my husbands jobs for him and know what to expect salary wise. However I have no idea how to judge the market in NZ. Could someone please advise me on what to expect as an IT Contractors hourly rate. In the UK I would expect around ?50-60 per hour for my husbands skill set

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    Default Re: IT Contractors Wages

    Hi Marniepops

    It would be very difficult to give a figure as it would depend a lot on which company he'd be working for and what sort of a price he could negotiate with them and also what skills he has and how badly they're needed. ?In the cities I would imagine he'd get more than in other places, but one thing's for sure, it's very doubtful that it would be anything like as much as he'd get in the UK unless he was very lucky. ?Salaries/wages are much lower in NZ.

    You could take a look through these sites to see if there?s anything in there to help you. ?Maybe not, but it's worth a look. ?

    There are some IT jobs on here but, as you?ll see they?re a bit coy about stating the salaries. ?The best thing would have been to go through the job sites specialising in IT recruitment to check what jobs are on offer and what they?d be likely to pay, but NZ employers seem to want to keep salaries a big secret until they?ve got you hooked. ?However, I don't know if the rates would be the same as when you are a contractor.

    This is the site for the Information Technology Association of NZ.
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