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Thread: Are the NZ Expo's held in the UK any good?

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    Default Are the NZ Expo's held in the UK any good?


    I was wondering if anyone has attended one of the New Zealand Expo's held in London and Manchester and whether they found them useful or not? I am not sure how many different ones there are so this is the link to the site that I have found and am contemplating attending:

    I don't live far from Manchester so wouldn't be hard to get to - providing it's helpful?!?!?!

    I was thinking that as there are potential employers there and immigration services so I might be able to get some guidance particularly in regards to how much post-grad experience I need before someone will offer me a job (and then can work out how much longer it is before I can start trying to find one and start the EOI process!!!)

    Anyone's experiences of these expos would be helpful :)

    Thanks in advance ?:)
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    Default Re: Are the NZ Expo's held in the UK any good?

    Hi Loopylu,

    This is another site for looking up expos .

    If you haven't already read them, here?s a link or two from the forum about the last expo and what they thought of it. This one is regarding the October expos in London and Manchester which are purported to be 'job focused'.

    As yet I haven?t edited all the rubbish out of these threads left from when we swapped forums, but I?m working on them now if you?ll bear with me. ? ?;)
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    Default Re: Are the NZ Expo's held in the UK any good?

    Hi there!

    We went to the Expo at Earls Court in March this year. We travelled from Scotland and to be honest, it was an expensive weekend. Having said that, we managed to open up our bank account and arrange for our removal people to come and give us a quote but it was nothing we could have done from the comfort of our armchair.

    On the plus side, we made great pals with Maggiemoo and her hubby and they now live near us in Tauranga and we are so glad we met up with them at the Expo. It all depends on what your chosen career is. The stands at Earls Court were geared up for mostly those working in the health industry such as doctors, nurses etc.

    If you don't live too far away it may be worth going just for the experience but why not post a message to see if you can meet up with others on this site?

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    Default Re: Are the NZ Expo's held in the UK any good?


    Me and my Husband went to the expo in Manchester a few months back as we only live 30mins away.

    We found it interesting and made us more determined to make the move.
    However there did seem to be a lot of Health people there but there we recruitment agencies etc that you caould register with.

    I think it is best for people who are all ready to go, i.e with work/residency visas all ready.

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