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Thread: Escaping NZ - from the horses mouth

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    Default Escaping NZ - from the horses mouth

    Well guys, Fiona, the lovely NZ lady came to stay last weekend and it has to be said she is really down on her country!! It would seem she dislikes NZ as much as we dislike UK. She is from a place called Tuakau about an hour south of Auckland and although she lives on a lifestyle block of 8 acres 20 mins from the nearest town she says it's like living in the east end of London, (although I'm not sure she would know what living in the east end of London is like, I don't and I'm not from NZ). She is disillusioned with the rising costs of living, university education, lack of well-paid jobs etc and says she sees UK as a land of opportunity!! She says she loves the choice available here everything from food to TV as she feels that so many things are limited in NZ. She also said that she feels as though NZ'ers are very anti-dog, that dogs aren't welcomed in society like they are here. (This seemed to frustrate her a lot, probably because she's a breeder.) And get this, she reckons that the people here are a lot more friendly. According to her NZers won't give you the time of day, are rude, angry and aggressive all the time, shout a lot, have to work every hour god sends to make ends meet, don't socialise and are mean spirited! She would love to get out and come here and is trying to land teaching work to enable her to do so. I was seriously thinking about getting my ears syringed at this point because I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was in such contrast to what I've heard everywhere else including you guys on here who are over there.

    I talked about sitting out in the evening sunshine with a glass of wine at the end of the day to which she replied that half the year was spent in grey and foggy weather and the other half the insects bite you and you can't afford wine anyway coz it's too expensive. Then she went on to tell us that their farm is right next to the river so the mist often hangs around for most of the day because of the humidity and her friend who lives a few miles away and higher up doesn't get the same problem.

    She went on to complain about the Maoris and the 'special' treatment they get, she certainly wasn't big on understanding ?:(

    Think she's a bit p....d off don't you?

    Anyway, she actually was quite nice. Laid back and chatty, pleasant and smiley. She's offered us her help with the dogs when we land and stuff and also says she'll introduce me to people who teach drama etc. But she certainly presented us with another side to the coin although of course, she didn't change our minds, not that she was trying to.

    Just thought I'd fill you in. And thanks for your thoughts, Hugo Bears doing fine, jumping around like there's nothing wrong with him which I don't know whether is bad or good. ? :-/
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    Default Re: Escaping NZ - from the horses mouth

    Bet that riveted you to your seat, Dawn. Not exactly what you were expecting to hear, but the truth will out.

    It's no doubt the truth as she's experienced it, but it appears to be quite different for others, as we all know. Perhaps she's just had a bad paper round, as hubster likes to say when someone looks like they've had a rough ride. Probably got a lot to do with her circumstances, where she lives and many other factors that, hopefully, the rest of us won't come into contact with.

    If others can do it, so can we. Or, at least, we can have a darned good stab at it.

    Glad that you spent some quality time with her and enjoyed each other's company, anyway. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
    Mother Bear

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    Default Re: Escaping NZ - from the horses mouth

    Tuakau is just a village near us in Pukekohe. It has been forecast to grow radically as Pukekohe develops into a much larger township and attracts more and more people to the area. Waiuku however, a larger town a bit further away, is the real target for the home seekers when they can't get what they want in Pukekohe. Tuakau could never be described as pretty or even attractive but I find it difficult to reconcile the decription offered to the reality.

    We have been in the area for 19 months now, it's all Franklin County, and as such a well managed and popular area. The people are extremely friendly and helpful. In our experience they are not anti dogs; on the contrary 1 in 4 have dogs according to a recent survey. It is true however that dogs are banned from shopping areas in the towns of Franklin during business hours - we have three dogs and no real problem with that. We walk them regularly outside those hours quite happy not to be treading in dog poo, which is the aim of the regulators. Dog wardens operate but we have never seen them so they aren't exactly the secret police. We have sympathy with those people who want a clean and healthy environment in an area where many people don't bother to wear shoes (especially the children).
    The area enjoys some of the best weather in NZ, that is why the area is known for its vegetables. Tuakau is hilly and has lots of water in the form of creeks and so I am hardly surprised to hear that there is a lot of mist around at times.
    I have to say that all I can recognise in the Kiwi lady is someone who isn't happy living in Tuakau and should move on if she is able. It is quite normal, and natural, for Kiwis to think that the UK is the land of golden opportunity, just as the Brits think of NZ or Australia or wherever. We are all perfectly capable of being good or bad ambassadors for our country of origin. Why would anyone move if they loved where they lived and could think of nowhere better?
    As for the Maori issue. Coming from a country where whole townships have lost their identity to large ghettos of immigrants, I wholeheartedly applaud real integration here in NZ. There will always be extremists of every hue but by and large this is a well integrated country and it shows. Our children learn maori language and customs in the classroom and in just about every aspect of daily life. Kiwis have for the most part accepted many parts of the maori culture as their own and so maori are treated with respect and are well represented in public life.

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    Default Re: Escaping NZ - from the horses mouth

    I think it is the old the grasss is always greener on the other side syndrome. She hates certain aspects of NZ and thinks that the UK the problems are less. I would be surprised if she found these problems didn't exist in the UK, and I think many she will find are worse.
    Yes I should imagine there is more choice for many things in the UK, but hey having a dozen brands of baked beans to chose from in the shop is not my idea of heaven.
    I agree with Daisypop that it is probably the area she is living in that is not too her liking, not the whole of NZ. It would be like trying to compare the experience of a person from the outer hebrides with someone from Brixton or from Bradford. There is no "typical" life in the UK and there is no "typical" life in NZ. There are plenty of people happy with many aspects of life in UK just as I am sure there are many happy with life in NZ and equally there are those unhappy in both countries.

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