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Thread: North is best?

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    Default North is best?

    Southern winter linked to MS

    Tuesday September 5, 2006
    By Errol Kiong

    South Islanders are twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis than their North Island counterparts, researchers have found. They believe the lack of sunlight during the south's winters could partially be to blame for the imbalance, but the high proportion of those of European ancestry, who are also more at risk, also plays some role.

    A team from the Christchurch School of Medicine led by Associate Professor of Neurology, Bruce Taylor, is embarking on a national study into the condition, which still has no cure.

    "This is the only comprehensive national study of MS ever done anywhere in the world," he said. "And it will be the most comprehensive look at the epidemiology of MS done in any country anywhere."

    The causes of MS are still unclear. The environment in which a person spends their childhood, their genetic makeup and probably some form of immune attack, perhaps from a viral infection, are all important. The study, which involves questionnaires and no tests, will look at where people are living in 2006 and trace where they have lived before diagnosis.

    Associate Professor Taylor said MS was difficult to study because the risk of developing the condition was governed by childhood events. "So where you've lived in your childhood may be far more important than where you're living now."

    Up to 5000 people are expected to be involved in the study, which is expected to be completed by the middle of next year. It is funded by the Health Research Council and Multiple Sclerosis Society.

    Gary McMahon, general manager of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland, urged people with MS to get involved in the study, particularly in light of MS Awareness Week, which started yesterday.

    To make an instant $20 donation to the MS Society, call 0900 93726 or text MS to 3726 for a $3 donation. Those interested in participating in the study can contact the researchers on 0800 MS STUDY (0800 677 8839).


    * Chronic inflammatory condition affecting the central nervous system.

    * Symptoms include loss of vision, overwhelming fatigue, numbness in limbs, loss of muscle function and a lack of balance and coordination.

    * Estimated to affect more than 4000 New Zealanders.
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    Default Re: North is best?

    My eldest brother has MS - it's a very dehabilitating disease. It's very hard to see someone you love try to live with this condition :-[
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