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    NickampJacky Guest

    Default Its all happening now!

    Sorry I havent posted so much recently, as lots of you will know there comes a time when you feel as though your gonna disappear up your own a**e.

    So upto date......

    House contracts exchanged & signed on friday - all set for completion next friday.

    We have been putting Baxters (our removal Co) through the hoops. Decided that my MG Midget HAS to come, so upgraded to a 40ft container. Jacky was cunning and asked how long Midgy is - so she figured that if the container is an extra 20ft long and Midgy is only 10ft long there is a huge void to be filled!!! IKEA shares should rocket on Monday when the stockmarket opens.

    Minor panic when we were asked for the midgets European 'Type Approval' safety details. Eeeeerrrrr, what? The EU was still in nappies when the Midget was driven out of the show room. I emailed the AA in NZ & got a comprehensive reply from a guy by the name of 'Wally Gee' (honest) - no relation to Ali G I hope! If the car is over 20 years old the rules are relaxed and aslong as the car is not rusted to hell and has basic stuff like lights, horn, seat belts etc it will be ok. Phew panic over

    Rosie our labra-doodle dog went to her new home yesterday. shes gone to a friend of the girls from school in the next village. She jumped in the boot of her new owners car without a care! She was oblivious to the trauma and tears that were being shed by all and sundry when she drove off to her 'new life'.

    I finished work on friday, it was really weird walking out of the door - knowing that I wouldnt be back as an employee, just as a friend. When i have left jobs in the past it has always been with a degree of relief or a 'stuff you' attitude. Not on friday though - my boss is just as much a drinking buddy as a boss, so I will be seeing him in my 'civvies' outside of the work arena before we go. He has promised not to talk about work because he knows how much I will be missing the 'crack'.

    My employers have sorted a 4 week furnished rental in Nelson for us. Its on Panorame Drive, as the name suggests it ?has fantasic views over Nelson Haven & the sea. Just hope that Jacky doesnt become accustomed to living on 'millionaires row' - 'cos she will be in for a shock when we get our own place!

    Baxters are here on Thursday & Friday packing the house, so we will all be moving in with the outlaws. So we will be leaving the house as though we are packed for the airport, with our 40kg each! Then unpacking for a couple of weeks then repacking on the 16th ready to fly on the 17th.

    So thats us upto press, all seems to be going swimmingly. But I am sure that somewhere along the line we will get a spanner in the works - I just hope its not the whole toolkit!

    Fingers crossed for a smooth couple of weeks.



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    Default Its all happening now!

    Ooh, it?s all coming together then. Great news that the house sale is in the bag and fingers crossed that the packing goes well later in the week. I bet the excitement is building. Enjoy your last few weeks in the ?old country? before you fly off to your new life.

    Wishing you all the very best.

    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Its all happening now!

    Great post, Nick. Love the humour! [smiley=icon_biggrin.gif]

    Sounds like it is all coming together and you are on the whole enjoying yourselves. Nelson's great - our second fave place in NZ to settle. Good luck with the, er ... outlaws!

    In NZ since June 2005
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    Default Its all happening now!

    woohoo.. the midget is coming..

    look forward to seeing it sometime..

    Good Luck with the rest of the move..
    Look forwad to hearing your thoughts on NZ..

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    Default Its all happening now!

    Hi Nick & Jacky,
    Yeah really funny post! (I don't think it was meant to be!)
    Good idea filling your huge 'gappy' container! I would loved to have shopped at Ikea too, I haven't been for ages and just know they'll beloads of great value stuff that will fit very well in a NZ home!
    How lovely taking your MG, they're great cars, real motoring! I think it will also fit very well into a NZ summer.
    We're at the same point as you, I finished work on Saturday, we had our leaving party yesterday, living with the mums out of suitcases, but we're only allowed 20kgs each!! We do have alot more though, especially with extra pressies to take that we recieved yesterday for the kids! I'm actually really concerned that our limit is 20kgs as we don't want a charge/fine on top of all the enormous expense of it all.
    Nelson looks fantastic, lucky you! I remember you saying you have a brother living there too.
    Everything sounds good, so may it continue all the way.
    Debra & Eddie & family

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    Default Its all happening now!

    Great Nick, glad you're taking the midget, they're so much fun. I had a TR6 way back when before the kids, I loved it, overdrive, under a bridge, toe down, hear the engine........uuummmmmm!! Wonder if I can get one in NZ for less then they cost here now. I sold mine in 1991 for ?12000...God - seems like a lifetime ago!

    Anyway, all the luck in the world and we may look in on you next year if that's OK? Nelson is one of the places we want to check out!!

    Have fun with the sinlaws (rather you than me) ;)

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