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Thread: I would say - Life in NZ is better than 80s

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    Default I would say - Life in NZ is better than 80s

    Life in NZ now not as good as 1980s
    08 August 2006

    New Zealanders are enjoying an improved standard of living without reaching the levels of the 1980s, according to a report out today.

    The Social Report 2006, released by the Ministry of Social Development, showed a continuing improvement in New Zealanders' social wellbeing.

    Marcel Lauzihre, deputy chief executive of Social Development Policy and Knowledge, said most indicators had shown improvement including health, knowledge and skills, and paid work areas.

    'This year's report for the first time also looks at how New Zealanders' wellbeing has changed over the last 20 years,' he said.

    'Of the 18 indicators we can track from the mid-1980s, the majority have improved. New Zealanders are better educated, they're healthier and more of them are in paid work.'

    Also since the mid-1980s, life expectancy had increased, suicide rates reduced, and cigarette smoking decreased.

    However, obesity had doubled for men and almost doubled for women, reflecting changes in diet and physical activity.

    Unemployment had continued to fall and more people had higher qualifications.

    'Although there have been significant improvements since the mid-1990s, several indicators of our economic standard of living have yet to fully return to where they were in the mid-1980s.'

    Housing was less affordable and there were more people on low incomes in 2004 than in 1986, although these factors were improving.

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    Default I would say - Life in NZ is better than 80s

    NZers 'becoming more conservative'
    1.00pm Wednesday August 9, 2006

    New Zealand society is becoming more conservative, attaching increased importance to marriage and family, according to researchers. In a study conducted by the University of Otago's consumer research group, New Zealanders were split into segments including Educated Liberals, Young Pleasure Seekers and Conservative Quiet-Lifers.

    Conservative Quiet-Lifers have taken over from Accepting Mid-Lifers as a major segment, indicating the country's ageing population, said the researchers.

    The consumer and lifestyles study found more people today believe they are paying too much tax, and there is less support for high levels of immigration. The survey took place over two years and involved 3600 New Zealanders. It was the fifth study of its kind since 1979.

    'The previous study was conducted in 2000/01 and showed that family relationships were changing rapidly, with Kiwi families spending less time together,' said Associate Professor Sarah Todd. 'In contrast, the current study has shown a return to traditional family relationships and marriage as an institution.'

    In part this could be a reaction to the establishment of civil unions in the period between the two surveys, said Prof Todd. Some trends have not changed since the previous survey. The ageing population and gap between rich and poor are still marked features of New Zealand society.

    However, New Zealanders are increasingly positive about their country, with fewer people today thinking it's necessary to go overseas to succeed. For the first time since 1995, people also think race issues are getting better.

    Prof Todd said the age ranges of some social groups were changing. 'We noted more young females joining the Success-Driven Extroverts group, while conversely, the age range of the Pleasure Seekers group - a segment traditionally aligned with the hedonic Generation X cluster - has increased to the mid-40s.'

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