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Thread: PR in the bag ....Yahoo!!!!

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    Default PR in the bag ....Yahoo!!!!

    Well, we have got our PR now (28 July) and those blue stickers look great. All in all it has only taken 6 months from arriving in NZ to getting the job offer, WP etc etc and now PR. I have to say that I really thought it may take a whole lot longer but it kinda goes to show that if 'this' is what you really want then perhaps the best way is to get your Butt out here and be as pro active as you can. There are downsides to doing it this way though and for us , that was a fairly long separation (7 months!!), some financial issues, ie no salary for a while and living on savings, luckily for us I was able to stay with family so my actual accommodation costs were fairly small.

    Our house is sold in the UK now and our cat is due to arrive on 17th Aug. I take over a rental property in Half Moon Bay (Manukau City, Auckland) this Thurs and fully expect my wife and daughter to be here around the 20th Aug (at long last!!).

    We used Whites for our removals and it was all picked up on Thurs/Fri last week and should be here in approx 10 weeks time so I am beg, stealing (not really) and borrowing as much stuff as poss to tide us over for a while.

    Still looking for a boat so if any of you out there have one and are close by then I would love to meet up and get some info as I have never had a boat before!!

    Also I would appreciate any info on the following: Pigeon Mountain and Waakaranga Primary school, Dancing schools in the Botany area, Golf clubs (9 Handicap) in the same area and even any good gen on Teachers aide positions.....

    Well thats pretty much me up to date now so will check in again soon....

    Thanks Bruce

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    Default PR in the bag ....Yahoo!!!!

    It?s all coming together now, Bruce. ?Congrats on the PR. ?I bet the excitement is mounting. ?Hope the rental works out well for you and the family love it. ?

    A website for Pigeon Mountain School and a?report about the school, albeit from 2003.

    Unfortunately, the actual website for Waakaranga School doesn?t appear to be working at the moment, but here?s a bit more info on it. Not much on here but does confirm at the bottom that it?s a decile 9 school. ?

    Dancing school in Botany Downs. ?This link is for Yellow Pages and shows other dancing schools in the area.

    Golf clubs . ?And another site with a bit of info. ?Click on the heading for another page.

    Regarding jobs for a teachers? aide, I don?t know if they would be advertised on the Net. ?It might be better to contact individual schools to enquire if there?s anything available in your area . ?I'm not sure whether this is true or not, but I heard that teachers' aides in NZ don't necessarily get paid for their time. ?It's done on a voluntary basis by the parents. ?Perhaps it varies from school to school.
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    Default PR in the bag ....Yahoo!!!!

    Congratulations to you Bruce and family, it sounds as though everything is going well!

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    Default PR in the bag ....Yahoo!!!!

    Well done Bruce, bet you're counting the days!


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