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Thread: Bluest sky - guess where??

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    Default Bluest sky - guess where??

    NZ ranks well in 'blue skies' research
    03 August 2006 ?

    New Zealand's Bay of Islands has the world's second-bluest sky, according to a Scots researcher who took measurements from 20 different sites on the Earth's surface during a 12 week round-the-world trip.

    Anya Hohnbaum found Brazil's Rio de Janeiro had the bluest sky, followed by the Bay of Islands, Ayers Rock in Australia, Fiji and South Africa.

    Cornwall, in England, came bottom in her list. Ms Hohnbaum, 27, a freelance television production co-ordinator from Glasgow, told that city's Evening News that every destination she visited took her breath away. She won the 12-week trip in an online competition entered by 3000 other people.

    Ms Hohnbaum used a special portable spectrometer that was adapted for her by scientists at the UK's National Physical Laboratory.

    The laboratory normally measures colours for applications such as judging the quality of beer, or variations in climate change seen in satellite pictures.

    Physicist Nigel Fox, of the lab's optical-radiation group, packaged a robust spectrometer, a fibre optic cable to feed light into the device, and a tripod. All measurements were taken at 10am local time, after the device had been calibrated.

    The data was analysed to show how much red, green and blue light was present, and the 'blueness' of the sky was calculated.

    The blue sky league table is:

    1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    2. Bay of Islands, NZ

    3. Ayers Rock, Australia

    4. Denarau Island, Fiji

    5. Cape Town, South Africa

    6. Antananarivo, Madagascar

    7. Karumba, The Maldives

    8. Tokyo, Japan

    9. Castell Dinas Bran, Wales

    10. Long Beach, LA, USA

    11. St Lucia, Caribbean

    12. Dublin, Ireland

    13. Marrakech, Morocco

    14. Juneau, Alaska

    15. Phnom-Penh, Cambodia

    16. Amalfi Coast, Italy

    17. Koh Samui, Thailand

    18. Edinburgh, Scotland

    19. Giza, Egypt

    20. Cornwall, England

    Pack on the sun block!! 8-)

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    Default Bluest sky - guess where??

    Yep, we had some of that beautiful blue today ... along with 18 degrees. More of it again tomorrow. 8-)

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    Default Bluest sky - guess where??

    No wonder I felt so at home in Cornwall - it was the overcast!
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