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    Default World of Happiness

    New Zealand is rank 18.


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    Default World of Happiness

    It is fascinating to see what high scores the Scandanavian countries have, Iceland included. I would have thought the cold and darker winter days would have a depressing effect.

    Not surprised NZ is ranked 18th and UK 41st.

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    Default World of Happiness

    Interesting! Demark at number 1, England at 41 and NZ at 18 was it? Not bad then! I hope we will join that redder country of happiness asap!
    Thanks Pulsarblu :icon_biggrin:

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    Default World of Happiness

    [color=olive:b2ae386418][b:b2ae386418]NZ fourth most popular refuge for restless Brits [/b:b2ae386418][/color:b2ae386418]
    Saturday August 5, 2006

    New Zealand is the fourth most popular choice for Britons wanting to settle abroad.

    Australia, Spain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States are the top five destinations for Britons making long-term moves, says a new survey.

    The poll of 1000 people by the BBC and ICM Research of London showed 13 per cent of Britons hoping to emigrate in the "near future", almost twice the number in 2003.

    Young people were most likely to want to leave, with a quarter hoping to live abroad.

    The Institute of Public Policy Research has been analysing why Britons move overseas.

    The main reasons are desire for a better quality of life, better weather and "a belief important policy implications have not received enough attention", according to the think-tank's associate director, Danny Sris-kandarajah.

    "We need to understand more about what will happen as more young people head off on overseas adventures, more skilled people are lured away and more pensioners retire to all corners of the map."

    He added: "The challenge for British policymakers will be to harness the economic and political potential of one of the largest diasporas in the world."

    NZ Immigration Minister David Cunliffe has said the Government is keen to bring in people to fill the demand for skilled labour.

    - NZPA
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