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Thread: Our Visas are HERE!!!!

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    ;D ?All of our visas arrived this morning after only a very short wait... (even with a couple of hurdles to cross too!)
    I nearly snogged the postman! ? ?(please don't think ill of me!!! ?;) )

    The immigration office, I have to now say, have kept us well informed and been right onto everything from the start! I didn't expect that! I will certainly use them again!!! haha
    Thankyou everyone for all of your helpful and kind comments and advice. I feel it has all been pretty one sided due to me not knowing much at all about NZ! (Well I do now).
    This forum has been a godsend, I just wish I'd got to know more people!
    Uh I still can't believe we're definitely going now!
    Eddie hands in his notice today at his hospital and I have loads of imminent nights out with friends in the next couple of weeks, I think I will be flat broke with such a hectic social life... I didn't have it before! ? :-/
    The kids still don't know as they are too young, although we will tell Isaac, (nearly 4), about 2 weeks before we fly!
    Where to start? The loft? The sheds? The accounts? I'm due to start training someone next week to take over my small/minute business next week so still plenty to do!.......................
    Any suggestions/tips with where to start please? Thankyou in advance!

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    :icon_biggrin: Great news Deb! Does it matter where you start? Just get stuck in - are you taking everything or selling everything?

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Woohoo!!!! [smiley=026.gif] [smiley=026.gif] [smiley=038.gif] [smiley=048.gif] [smilie=Cheers.gif] [smilie=Egyptian_dance.gif] [smilie=Joyous.gif] [smilie=Tease.gif] [smilie=Yahoo!.gif]

    Take one room at a time and finish each job before starting another. We have go a bit confused doing odd bits here and there. And have a corner to chuck stuff that you think u might wanna take and go through it later deciding. Start telling complicated people early as it can drag on with banks etc. If you have a pile to sell, give to charity, bin, do it little and often. We now have huge charity pile and no time to take it.

    Oh and well done! Keep us updated with your progress.

    Helen xx

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Well done & congratulations to you all!!!!!!!

    See You On the other side, we fly on the 9th August and arrive 13th August, just so exciting isn't it, still got house to finally go through but still exciting. [smiley=023.gif] [smiley=030.gif] [smilie=Clapping.gif] [smilie=Cheers.gif] [smilie=Drunks.gif]

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    NickampJacky Guest

    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Fantastic News Deb,

    Get the fanfares out - and the corkscrew.

    So chuffed that everyone is realising their dreams at the moment.

    Advice on things - make a list, jacky makes lists, then justs keeps adding to it as I tackle them one at a time from the top. I just hope I catch up with her before the airport! I mean on the list front, not chasing the taxi

    Great stuff


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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Deb, well done!

    All these busy people, all this excitement. The forum will really be empty soon, apart from us hardy members of the Cinderella Club i.e. me, Tottefan, Selchie and Dawn who aren?t shifting in the foreseeable future. Perhaps Dawn will get lucky once everyone else has moved out of the way, same as Stevey did when the batch before him set out for NZ.

    Hope everything goes well for you Deb, with no last minute panics.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Ah thankyou everyone, you're all so kind!
    Dawn: Yes we're taking most things, so feel slightly laid back about that because the shippers will do the packing!
    Helen: I think there will be enough of my ''spare stuff to open two more charity shops in town! I didn't do a single thing towards moving today! (Except tell everyone)
    Moose: Gosh you're off soon then! Same time as Lil Amy I think? Yes, very very exciting....
    Nick & Jacky: I must write lists!!! Loads of them. I'm sure ours will be neverending too.
    Motherbear: I won't forget you on this forum! It's our duty to inform you how great NZ is once we get there, ha! Anyway, it'll be nice to 'check-in' now and again and hopefully answer some questions for once. my friend who is 51 is waiting for me to find her a nice handsome kiwi man so she can be happy in NZ with the man of her dreams!!! (She's tried the work front but not as much fun as trying the man front! :icon_wink: )
    Thanks again everyone.... it's amazing how different you feel once the visas actually arrive isn't it!
    Bye for now......

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Yay! [smiley=041.gif]

    What great news! It certainly makes a big difference knowing you can now move!

    Charity shops can be a bit picky about what they sell as they have limited space, so I gave most of my stuff to school and village fetes (probably a bit late for school fetes now). Car boots are a good idea if you have the time to stand around all day (I didn't). I also gave some items to a relative to sell as he wished.

    Have fun! [smiley=icon_lol.gif]
    In NZ since June 2005
    Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness - Chinese proverb

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!


    Congratulations Deb, you must be so happy! So what date did you say you leave?

    We've been so busy moving stuff into Mums, selling the house etc I've hardly been online so am completely lost with where everyone is at...

    Best way to tackle things is making a list of what you have to do and who you have to inform about your move. That's what we did, it's so nice when you see those ticks when you've finished something. The time between now and the time you fly will go in so quickly. We fly to Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks on Wed and we cant believe it.

    I think all the goodbye nights out yoou have with everyone makes the time go in even quicker. Remember to have some you time tho as it can get stressful and you do feel you're loosing control of whats happening sometimes but you'll always get their in the end.

    Last Wed I would never have believed that our house would have sold (even if we still have probs with it now) and that I would be able to fit all our things in Mums whilst we stay here till we fly out but we have!

    You enjoy your remaining time in the UK, just think in a few months it will all be a distant memory.

    Have fun!!

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    Default Our Visas are HERE!!!!

    Thanks Glenda! No we certainly don't have time to do carboots either!
    Thanks Amy! Just 2 weeks hey, that's flown!!! How exciting. We aim to go on 4th Sept if poss - the latest I think. Hope it's not too stressful for you.
    bye for now everyone.....

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