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Thread: We got our Visas!!

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    Morning everyone,

    Just thought I'd share our good news with you, Stu and I both rcvd our WH Visas last night. We're so hyper... we submitted them on the 18th June and rcvd them on the 29th!! Pretty quick turnaround, although not when you're the one doing the waiting its not.

    Things are looking up now with the Visas in and the house deeds signed.

    Just need to find a flight now woohoo :006:

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    Hurray! A result. [img:001f349c95][/img:001f349c95]

    Good luck with all the rest of it now. Busy, busy.[img:001f349c95][/img:001f349c95]
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    Congrats Lil Amy :icon_biggrin:

    Another one on the way to Aotearoa :023:

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    NickampJacky Guest

    Default We got our Visas!!

    Fantastic news Lil Amy

    We are so pleased for you and Stu....."let the journey begin"

    Nick & Jacky

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    Default We got our Visas!!


    I know I said it earlier but for the record i just wanted to see many, many congrats!!!!

    Let the adventure begin!!!

    :026: [smilie=egyptian dance.gif] [smilie=joyous.gif] [smilie=yahoo!.gif] [smilie=cheers.gif] :038:

    Sorry, did I go overboard?

    Never mind.

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    Heeeyy cool. See you soon.

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    Congratulations Amy !!!!!!!

    Over the moon for you, Let the journey begin


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    Default We got our Visas!!

    YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!! Amy, [i:8e49393b47]How[/i:8e49393b47] happy are [i:8e49393b47]you[/i:8e49393b47] guys right now!!!! That's brilliant news. I only just popped in to say that we only sent them back off again yesterday and didn't expect to hear you had yours already. That's fantastic.... gives us all hope.
    I'm really happy for you, I feel excited for you.... so [i:8e49393b47]what[/i:8e49393b47] will I be like when ours finally get here????
    And great news on the house, you are meant to go, it's been a trying time for you but you pushed on regardless. Well done to you.
    But now you're virtually Kiwi's now, please don't leave us stranded here too long without word!! :icon_wink: It's been really great and encouraging to read your posts and of your journey, (and you're not even on the plane yet!!!) Ha...
    Get the champagne out guys! And how great just before the weekend too! You're SO lucky!!!!
    I'll give you a virtual hug! :021: oh maybe not the right icon!!! :icon_wink: :icon_wink: Jealous? Me? Noooo!!
    Keep us posted still Amy and Stu,
    Love Debs, Eddie, Isaac and Eva AgnesX

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    well done amy and all the best,keep us all updated on your travels
    tom and ally

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    Default We got our Visas!!

    Here's sending you some good vibes .... :icon_biggrin:
    EOI Submitted: July 20, 2006
    EOI Selected: August 2, 2006
    ITA Received: October 12, 2006
    ITA Submitted: February 2, 2007
    Migrant Levy Paid & Visas Shipped: June 6, 2007
    Arrived in NZ: July 26th, 2007
    Leaving NZ: June 1st, 2008

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